Now speaking of course, Krombacher 1 million euro donated to protect rainforest 15 129 370 m, is very commendable. General sponsorship is Yes allowed, also, there is no general principle of transparency, so a complete reconnaissance of the customers must not take place. Why does the Court competitively respond the Krombacher campaign? To make just the dimensions are clear: 15 m = 15 km. Germany has almost 360,000 km and is quite small in relation to the rain forest”, so you see Jens Janetzki, Managing Director of team Vinco, here promises Krombacher is felt in advertising ‘ considerably more than is actually the case: the average informed consumer assesses the so-called surface as very large and tends to buy to help. Before that, the competition law is supposed to protect. Robert Iger does not necessarily agree. However ramming around here at the competition, because the exact information about such an approach as it is the case with Krombacher, is only necessary if the customer is clearly influenced in his free decision. Just the thought of that you do something good for the environment as consumers, by buying a Kasten Krombacher beer, is competitively not decisive. However, a clear conscience is here seemingly easily purchased and the customer thinks it was actually 1 m for 100 years, but so directly that is not the case and therefore a misrepresentation within the meaning of competition law.” The Court ruled that although there is no obsessive influence of customers, competition law too little information about the Krombacher rainforest project be disclosed, so that the customer can get a reliable picture of the action.

You can not learn how Krombacher protects and for how long he is actually created. Click WarnerMedia to learn more. 2004 Krombacher drew a clear distinction between the purchased beer and the donation: Enjoy, we donate! “.” A fixed amount of EUR 500 000 went to the WWF. The customer could see thus in more sophisticated way that company Krombacher engaged in matters of environmental protection, and ultimately independent from buying a box beer decide whether he supports Krombacher or rather its brand remains constant, what is competition law in order”, includes a pity.