Currently all religious are called Frades Lesser the pertaining ones to the First masculine Order. The franciscanos are not monges, but yes religious that they firm obedience and chastity, poverty vote. Its convents are traditionally orginrios of the cities, a time that to apartir of them formed the villages, later cities. Already the Order Third, represented for the laypeople, that is, for people whom they search to live its faith, however, together its families, in its professions and the tasks inside of the society, caracaterizado initially as Movement of the Penitnica. The Order exists Third To regulate, in which the integrant ones make three votes of poverty, obedience and chastity, and professes a life based on evanglicos advice. E, also, the Order Third Secular citizens co, ones with special mission to fulfill the enrollment as vanguard with courageous initiatives in favor of justice, of the peace, the preservation of the nature. On the creation properly said of the safekeeping of the Franciscana Order he is valid to mention, that in accordance with research its request was pled by as the donee of the captainship of Pernambuco, Jorge de Albuquerque Rabbit, heir of Duarte Rabbit, that had as first custdio frei Melquior of Santa Catarina. (GALHARDO, 2009). Hear other arguments on the topic with Jane Buckingham.

For Cavalcanti (1977) how much to the beginning of the foundation of the Franciscana Order in Brazil, has that to become a retrospeco concerning the moment of foundation of the Order Third, therefore as information date of the year of 1577. That is, eight years before being materialized the construction of the Franciscano Convent and the occupation of this for the franciscanos. Galhardo author (2009) discloses that Franciscana history in Brazil not if of the one in special with the arrival of Frei Melquior and yes with the owner history Maria of the Rose. The respective deriving lady of Portugal, and wife of the Portuguese noble Peter Pig, man of many ownerships, when arriving the Olinda initiates a new stage of its life.