The company can not operate at a loss. So, she tries every way to reduce their costs, so that the cost of services to reduce and get profit. And in the end it leads to the fact that the company will save on equipment (ie will set weaker in power, and this will lead to the fact that your site will often be unavailable or will be a long time to boot), the employee (this means that the service will either unprofessional or you’ll wait very long for an answer from her), etc. And besides, often with seemingly low prices in such a company may hidden charges, as you know, just when you have already paid services of this company.

One of the important criteria for choosing a hosting operating system, because it affects the software that will support the functionality of certain services. Hosting as a service to compare and describe the quantitative restrictions: * the amount of disk space * The number of monthly traffic * number of sites which can be placed under a single account * number of ftp users * number of E-Mail boxes and the amount of space reserved for the address * the number of databases and the amount of space for the database * the number of concurrent processes per user * the amount of ram, and the maximum execution time allocated to each process user qualitative restrictions: * free resources cpu, ram, which affect the server performance * bandwidth, which affects the loading of information..