Review and revise before publishing … recommendation for quality writing. Writing is not easy! It is an exercise that requires discipline, reading, thinking and concentration, but above all, Revision … Usually when we write about a topic we go through the stages are often very similar to the following: generation of an idea, superficial reading and illustration of the topic, check out and deepening of the item, the item writing, review to correct forms and structures, correction General Article, revising, and publishing. To achieve a quality product accustomed review every detail to correct all that is necessary before the publication of the article.

But despite all this care and precautions, it is inevitable that some errors are filtered, so it is recommended to delegate to another person the task of making a final revision to the text, writing, spelling and the general shape of the article. To know more about this subject visit John Stankey. It is better to err on the side and not checking enough to publish at risk questions remain unresolved. Additionally, delegate this task to someone else helps us anticipate the reaction from readers to what they are writing and thus be more certain of the desirability of publishing. Even newspapers poise, some errors are filtered frequently, such as what I saw in the newspaper El Tiempo on July 31, 2009. A text that read like this: "Universities and colleges in the United States are increasingly offering courses online gritis." Errors like these are common and are not as noticeable because they are due to typing errors in drafting and revising, but others could be more catastrophic for the enlightened reader's mind and demerits left an indelible mark not only the writer, but the environment journalism.