In this direction, the questions related to the structural changes of the economic activities and the process of determination of the income, as well as the trends between periods are contemplated in the objective of the theory of the economic dynamics of Kalecki (1983). Therefore, the dynamics mentioned this related with the concept of variation here and the identification of trends in the economic activities, the level of the formal job and in the variation of income in each sector, three different moments (1995; 2000 and 2005). The construction and analysis of the comparison attributes that indicate perspectives on the dynamics of the productive structure of the cities of the State are the objective of the section seguinte.5.5.2 ConsolidadEntendido Analysis the definition of the dynamics of the adopted productive structure in the project, the methodology present as first criterion, an aggregate analysis of the activities searching to identify to trends of long stated period detaching the details of each one of the esteem indices. The pointers considered in this methodology iram to compose, in accordance with its variants, instances of classification combining the composition of four quadrants in accordance with the 0 variable: local specialization, economic attractiveness and significant relative participation. The consolidated analysis evaluates of aggregate form what the changes in the composition of the productive structures of