Everyone says scary!, Fear is an emotion, the most ancient that we humans, the fear has saved us on more than one occasion, being afraid is something inevitable and reasonably healthy. The point to discuss today is the extent to which fear has gripped me, unconscious or conscious and is preventing me out of my area known, my comfort zone. If somehow we're not getting into this reality, something that our heart desires, whether love, money, health, fame, travel or any other wish is that within these achievements there is something that wakes us fear. That's why we did not obtain self sabotaging us again and again. So what can we do? first we have to confront those fears, acknowledge them know they are there, we can not ignore them anymore, because it meant ignoring that our life continues to stagnate at the same point, in the same place and that's not what we want, we want to move, go beyond our limitations go beyond the own fear even when they're feeling. Certainly, fear warns us we have to be predictable, cautious, we are moving into deep water in areas not previously explored by us, but the lamp of faith, this quote tells us that "faith is the assurance of things unseen "which we light the way to proceed in the dark, groping knowing within us that we will succeed, I know, I am convinced, and if not, we will have to take a step back and continue to work within us, strengthen strategies, learning from people who already have done and again we persist and that leap of faith. Take on new challenges, change our status quo is not an easy task, inertia is the easy, keep doing over and over again the same is the easy way, the busiest, that neither you nor I are interested in ! the road leading towards the realization of your fondest dreams, your deepest desires, is that the road not traveled, that you have to build, should not exist. That is life, take on challenges, conquer new horizons and strive to live the dreams by which our heart beats fast.

I invite you to review the different areas of your life, look at which you're not really satisfied and take a piece of paper and answer the following question do you fear? What are you most afraid of getting this or that?, Remember that you're not saying it is within you a lurking fear, you have to unmask it, it's now or never, dare, and after writing that list of worries, he wrote to his Alternative side, answers, options, builds positive affirmations to help you refine those fears … and see that little by little like coconut frightened us as kids, will dissolve, recalled previous episodes in your life when you bought your first car, your first home, when you started college, were eager or anxious, but inside you did you know that you were going to achieve. Ask yourself: What if you knew that in any way fail? or even ask yourself how you would do if I had all the tools available to respond to new challenges? just the fear would disappear. Overcoming fears, let's face it, have faith, overcome the disadvantages and endure the hardships that arise when exiting the womb, that comfortable and pleasant little place where we are at this time and no longer has room for the new self that is emerging, as we have done on other occasions, to make it again, hold your vision, you have to believe!