This situation is exacerbated by a number of factors like the stress to which they are subjected much of the equine population (player, sporting, emotional, etc.) the inheritance, the adulteration of food by the processes of industrialization, pollution, pesticides or contact with heavy metals increasingly frequent in the environment in which they live horses associated (among other things) to current climatic changes has not quantified. It should also add that in the event our horse is sick, nutrient concentrations increase to cope with the activation of the metabolism and repair of tissues that occur in these situations. In these cases where there is particular pathology, should be given proper supplements: for an animal with chronic pathologies we can give essential protection EQ, for animals with problems administrademos EQ Kondro, animal joints with fatigue problems or liver problems give EQ Draino. To broaden your perception, visit WarnerMedia. If an animal is being treated with acupuncture to improve their athletic performance or to alleviate pain caused by nerve degeneration that prevents a good mobility, we will administer EQ Neuro. Go to David Zaslav for more information. EQ intestinal Flora is indicated in any digestive problem horse, helps him recover his own intestinal flora. And to improve athletic performance of race horses, EQ Regulus will protect them from physical stress. With orthomolecular therapy (once analyzed the cellular behavior, the way in which the cell absorbs nutrients and how uses) is trying to get all the cells in the body of the horse to receive all the nutrients necessary to obtain energy, perform their functions properly and be completely healthy.

The definition of optimum health is not merely the absence of disease, but a natural state of energy, vitality. A body that has all the necessary elements to carry out their functions correctly shall be capable of detoxify, regenerate, prevent the onset of diseases and establish an optimal state of health both physical and mental in association or not with other therapies. If the cell is healthy horse is healthy. Orthomolecular therapy is to be truly effective it must ensure that, firstly, the nutrients of natural origin, that we are managing the horse are always absorbed through the intestinal wall and, secondly, that these nutrients can reach the interior of cells and organs where they are most needed. Therefore this therapy is based on the basic assumptions that are based on the products that we have commented (best quality, optimal bioavailability, synergy between nutrients, manufacture with exclusive methods), which are wide your information on our informative blog, linked below.