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Fast – Faster – Burnout


With the throttle in the exhaustion and inner empty Hamburg, March 16, 2010. Life is always faster by email, BlackBerry, Facebook, Twitter & co.. While staying on the track is the man. An appeal to the slowness to prevent a burnout. Mean career, my house, my car – my burnout.

Even on the title of the focus the new Burnout society \”made it. Communication platforms such as Facebook are always full and the user share important and unimportant with your virtual friends\”. What is the reason for the success of social networking? People yearn for attention. Who is totally talent-free uses the numerous casting shows, to draw attention to himself. Once standing in front of the camera and maybe famous.

Who still has enough self-esteem, which sinks into the depths of online communication needs. Real life, however, speaks a different language. The day has 24 hours and it will also not change. The society has forgotten time within this period schedule for eating, sleeping and relaxation. If even by travel time shifts are added, the body is and the psyche unable to cope. The sudden collapse announced long before himself, but was successfully replaced. \”And then the sudden\” emptiness. Sufferers of burnout syndrome can thinking, still not clear. Dirk-Oliver Lange is Burnout coach and coaches his company LifeB consulting of Hamburg from worldwide clients who suffer from the fatigue syndrome. Long explained: A Burnout is as individual as the man himself. Therefore there can be no standard aryanised care of patients.\” Everyday demands, such as regular balanced diet, enough sleep or health-enhancing activity occur the victims as unsolvable task. \”To concentrate on the essentials and in the here and now\” is a major component of the coaching by LifeB to live. The life of the client is actually slowing. You must again learn time to take for the essential things of in life.

Sunburn In The Ski Holiday: In The Winter, The Sun Is Often Underestimated


Even in winter, the Sun is an important issue. Jeffrey L. Bewkes Time Warner is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Especially in the mountains, care must be taken to sufficient protection against UV light. For many the well-deserved ski holidays is now in the winter. Snow-covered landscapes, snow-covered slopes and Huettengaudi, when even the Sun seems and glitter snow: Perfect! But have you also thought of the Sun? Admittedly, sunscreen everyone thinks probably first of summer, Sun, beach and sea, but just on the snow-covered slopes, the risk is sunburn to be also very high. Because you should know: approximately every 300 meters of height increasing the UV-B radiation to approximately 10% of intensity also on the cornea of the eye can lead to sunburn, the so-called snow blindness, the Sun’s rays are reflected by the snow and sunburn can occur even faster depending on drive speed in the short term very low temperatures of up to minus 50 C can prevail on facial skin due to the cold the intensive solar radiation is not so strongly perceived a To avoid sunburn on a skiing holiday, you should use a sunscreen with at least SPF (SPF) 20. The SPF is used as a multiplier and specifies approximately how long is out to stop, without getting a sunburn.

Used man, for example, a sunscreen with SPF 20 and you would get sunburnt without it after 10 minutes, could you three hours outdoors are with Sun protection. This should serve as a guide but only for three hours in the blazing sun still cause sunburn with high probability. The sunscreen should roughly be applied half an hour before going out and always be refreshed, especially if the cream is not waterproof and is washed off by snow or sweat. Also the lips must not be forgotten and should be maintained with a lipstick with UV protection. You do something good, your skin nothing more in the way can be undimmed snow fun! Other health-related topics, see

Static Foot


All 26 bones are interconnected powerful combination. In the correct ratio between the foot bones are held by these ligaments and muscles, some of which originates from the knee joint, and part is located at the very foot. When we talk about the formation of Static flatfoot in the first place, there is the inability of the muscle as a result of an overload to keep the bones of the foot in the correct ratio. here. Overload in most cases, cause long-term job costing, hard physical labor, heavy weight, physiological, in other words, the age aging muscles, etc. Ie muscles that must support some form of foot, exhaustion, and cease to comply fully with its function. In this situation, the entire load assume the ligaments that connect and hold the bones together, forming a foot. At high load bundles are overdistension. If hyperextension is systematic, the foot bones are changing the relationship between them, which leads to a change in the longitudinal and poperchenogo arch, as if they "settle" and developed the clinical picture, which we denote as flat feet.

A Now try to answer what to do with this process is genetics? Yes, you may be genetically predisposed to increased weight, have less developed muscles, as well as my grandmother all my life to work with increased load on the legs. But at the same time knowing that your family members tend to be overweight, you may pay more attention to this issue in their lives. By the way, great weight is easier to prevent than to fight it.