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Very High Danger Potential, Mexico Flu A/H1N1.


Direct candidate for the parliamentary elections in 2009 in the constituency 177, betting rough! To active agent is tested directly at you without knowing which could result for side effects! According to, official information the flu is harmless! Why are 30%, the population, then vaccinated in autumn 2009, 2 in autumn? The costs amount alone to a billion euro in Germany! It so could this be, know the areas as this flu could get dangerous or is! Mutations with the flu virus H3/N2 (the Asian flu, so to 90% in Europe) and H5N1 are (very likely the bird flu, at the moment in Egypt). The flu season in Europe starts mostly only in autumn. By this mutation, the vaccine is tested could be resistant again! A new development can last up to six month again. At a mutation the following scenario could arise worldwide: the illness instalment is 30%, a part of the employees stays from infection at home. Visit Jeffrey L. Bewkes for more clarity on the issue. The employee up to 40% could miss the business in the long run! There are illnesses again and again! This which has consequences for the economy: the super district would be possible! The supply for gas, water and current could be interrupted or turn out of some weeks! It could come with a shortage of operating funds such as petrol and diesel. The supply for food could not work any more! This is possible for two reasons: by hamster purchases of the population.

Due to illnesses of the employees nothing more can be delivered! In this case what can the government do? There is not some information about the current situation is perhaps so it wanted before the choice, the truth can because the ruling, only damage! Please, they support me with her donations. Remittances, asks for security reasons only by Western union under detail of your transaction number..



The result was that it had to be implemented in the Prxis then, well and that turned out again and again in everyday practice as a problem to the implementation itself half was forgotten. Some participants were unable to cope, others defy, that was not because any practice on the topic of QM had a different level of knowledge. Precisely for this reason I’ve switched, which today is outcome of the training that I pick any practice there where it stands. We not only exercise, but implement directly, I’ll make teams, each team meets another task, then reported, so that all are informed. The enormous advantage is that if I leave these practices, a large part is finished, in some cases, one can say depending on the practice it can happen that we implemented the complete quality management system get.

However, it must be lived then, it not sufficient just to have. MEDICALTALK24: So the doctor must invest in a QM-system, an external QM consultant and training? That’s but a lot you won’t find. Karin letter: Yes, that is it, because I agree with you, but I didn’t make the law. I have been working for 10 years in medical QM and have managed to find a simple and optimal solution for my customers. And no practice comes the trappings to any management software.

Unless it creates folders tons of manually, I can not epfehlen. That is more expensive than any management software that exists on the market, the bottom line. I know advertise many other square meters, with the company several days training and the external consultant are also offered. My concept is individual for each practice. MEDICALTALK24: How can your concept be customized if you offer the same as other companies? Karin letter: as already mentioned, I myself with the in-house training, as well as with the preparation of my documents ever withdraw. Then I recommend in-house training per practice 1-2, it comes on the size of the practice on. Then the employee is, the main culprit QMB in practice is to implement all further steps capable of expertly. This, do I get any practice there from where it stands and can accompany them professionally. So no endless training. In addition, there is a free hotline for questions. MEDICALTALK24: A question from my side there would be there! Would allow you MedicalTalk24 to test your management software, to make a review for our members with us. Karin letter: Yes, very happy indeed! MEDICALTALK24: Woman letter, at this point I would like to welcome you for the detailed and honest interview thank. Karin letter: I thank you also for the nice interview.

Peter Falzon Appointed CCO And President Of OD-OS, Inc.


February 1, 2010 BERLIN, GERMANY AND SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA OD-OS, developer of navigated retinal laser therapy, announced today the appointment of Peter Falzon as Chief Commercial Officer of OD-OS and President of OD-OS, Inc. In this newly created position, Mr. Falzon, lead to the global market introduction of the NAVILAS retina navigation of thermal solution as well as the U.S. business for OD-OS. “Peter brings significant industry experience to OD-OS, as well as a deep understanding of international markets. We are confident in his ability to build the commercial side of our business and he will drive the ophthalmic community to adopt new and better methods for or retinal disease,”said Winfried Teiwes, CEO of OD-OS.

Mr. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Coen Brothers. Falzon joins OD-OS with a comprehensive career working for leading medical device manufacturers that develop laser technologies for ophthalmic and aesthetic applications. These companies, in order of recent post are Osyris medical, Ellex medical, Cutera, Inc. and coherent, Inc. In these companies Mr.

Falzon has achieved many notable accomplishments, including: holding senior management positions of CEO, VP of Business development, VP of international business, VP of marketing, and President of Japan; led multiple company acquisitions; established direct and distributor sales channels world-wide. assisted in IPO; and developed senior management team to lead global business strategy and operations. Mr. Falzon holds a Bachelor of science with a double major in economics and Japanese studies from the University of Michigan and subsequently studied economics and Japanese language at Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan. Credit: David Zaslav-2011. “OD-OS has developed a true breakthrough in retina therapy, which I am very excited to lead the introduction of.” Retina physicians will now be able to treat with more accuracy and safety,”says Mr. Falzon. “Having several lakes live treatments, it is clear that NAVILAS wants to establish a new standard of care for diabetic patients.” The development of navigated retinal laser therapy has taken place over the past five years and has recently been FDA cleared and CE approved. The device, NAVILAS, employs both imaging and laser technologies into one integrated system, which allows for seamless diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases. NAVILAS imaging capabilities include four modalities that allow the physician to diagnose and plan the laser procedure with a full view of the retina. This is in comparison to conventional laser procedures, which only offer viewing through a slit lamp. Patients will benefit by having a much faster, more precise and more comfortable treatments. The NAVILAS system is now available to U.S. and European physicians. OD-OS currently has offices in Teltow, Germany and Dallas, Texas, and will soon be opening its U.S. headquarters in San Francisco, CA about OD OS OD-OS is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified medical device company headquartered in Teltow/Berlin, Germany. Its US operation, responsible for marketing, sales and support, is located Grapevine/Dallas, Texas. OD-OS is a subsidiary of SensoMotoric instruments (SMI), the technology leader in eye tracking and registration solutions for refractive laser surgery. Over the past 15 years, SMI has supplied technology to most major refractive laser manufacturers. In 2008, after more than 4 years of development creating retina navigation within SMI, the core development team what spun-out into OD-OS and charged with resources and ophthalmic retina to bring industry experts navigation with its first product, NAVILAS, to the market. For more information visit or call in the US 1 (877) 628-6367 or Europe at + 49 (3328) 31 282-100.