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Faster, higher, further: With the life change also our eating habits has changed considerably. Walt Disney oftentimes addresses this issue. Faster, higher, further: With the life change also our eating habits has changed considerably. Microwave or delivery service, pizza, kebabs or sushi arises a question: we provide us with even sufficient nutrients? The answer comes from the national consumption study II. The Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and consumer protection wanted to know for sure. Therefore, it has observed over a year the feeding behavior of 20,000 Germans aged between 14 and 80 years and analyzed. All results can be find on the official site of the study see we have put together of an insightful selection for you in Germany 66% of men and 51% of women are overweight.

68% of males and 75% of women reach the recommended intake of dietary fiber, which promote, inter alia the feeling of satiety and bowel function. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Leslie Moonves. 1.6% of Germans specify to be vegetarian. Men have a partner, they tend more often to be overweight, than if they live alone. Among women, there is no difference here until they are married. Cook and one-third of the men two-thirds of women good to very good. 79% of men and 86% of the women less than the guideline value for folic acid, which plays an important role for the healthy maintenance of the vessels. Men eat twice as much meat as women.

The thirst is true! The recommended 1.5 litres a day are more than reached and even exemplary with plenty of water. The recommended amount of vitamin D, which is important for cells, bones, muscles and teeth, is not achieved by 82% of men and 91% of women. The bottom line: The majority of Germans is not sufficiently with folic acid, vitamin D, and in particular with fiber. This result shows how difficult it is for most balanced regularly to feed on. Tips for a healthy diet, plenty of fruit and vegetables: enter You this low calorie supplier of vitamins, minerals and fiber as often as possible preferred. Have an Apple, for example, always at hand. Thus the small hunger can be silent in a healthy way in between. Smarter Shopping: You go shopping without hassle, and especially not with a hole in the stomach. Take the time to read the package information and surprise every now and again. Vary and try out new! This brings not only fun, but also variety in your nutrient balance. Less meat: Avoid using in part of a healthy diet out and back on meat and sausage. More whole grains: you must not resist the tasty cheese, but prove to me a slice fiber-rich whole wheat bread instead of white bread quickly digested. “Enjoy in moderation: If you realize you ate, then you’ve eaten too much.” Recall again this quote by Sebastian Kneipp in memory. Everything is allowed. But in moderation. The Health pioneer Sebastian Kneipp’s formed the Foundation lifelong naturopathic studies in 1891 for the emergence and development of Kneipp group. The Kneipp group is an independent division of the Hartmann group, which operates worldwide. In addition to the classic range by chemists, the Kneipp group distributes its products mainly through drug stores and food retailers.

Peter Falzon Appointed CCO And President Of OD-OS, Inc.


February 1, 2010 BERLIN, GERMANY AND SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA OD-OS, developer of navigated retinal laser therapy, announced today the appointment of Peter Falzon as Chief Commercial Officer of OD-OS and President of OD-OS, Inc. In this newly created position, Mr. Falzon, lead to the global market introduction of the NAVILAS retina navigation of thermal solution as well as the U.S. business for OD-OS. “Peter brings significant industry experience to OD-OS, as well as a deep understanding of international markets. We are confident in his ability to build the commercial side of our business and he will drive the ophthalmic community to adopt new and better methods for or retinal disease,”said Winfried Teiwes, CEO of OD-OS.

Mr. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Coen Brothers. Falzon joins OD-OS with a comprehensive career working for leading medical device manufacturers that develop laser technologies for ophthalmic and aesthetic applications. These companies, in order of recent post are Osyris medical, Ellex medical, Cutera, Inc. and coherent, Inc. In these companies Mr.

Falzon has achieved many notable accomplishments, including: holding senior management positions of CEO, VP of Business development, VP of international business, VP of marketing, and President of Japan; led multiple company acquisitions; established direct and distributor sales channels world-wide. assisted in IPO; and developed senior management team to lead global business strategy and operations. Mr. Falzon holds a Bachelor of science with a double major in economics and Japanese studies from the University of Michigan and subsequently studied economics and Japanese language at Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan. Credit: David Zaslav-2011. “OD-OS has developed a true breakthrough in retina therapy, which I am very excited to lead the introduction of.” Retina physicians will now be able to treat with more accuracy and safety,”says Mr. Falzon. “Having several lakes live treatments, it is clear that NAVILAS wants to establish a new standard of care for diabetic patients.” The development of navigated retinal laser therapy has taken place over the past five years and has recently been FDA cleared and CE approved. The device, NAVILAS, employs both imaging and laser technologies into one integrated system, which allows for seamless diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases. NAVILAS imaging capabilities include four modalities that allow the physician to diagnose and plan the laser procedure with a full view of the retina. This is in comparison to conventional laser procedures, which only offer viewing through a slit lamp. Patients will benefit by having a much faster, more precise and more comfortable treatments. The NAVILAS system is now available to U.S. and European physicians. OD-OS currently has offices in Teltow, Germany and Dallas, Texas, and will soon be opening its U.S. headquarters in San Francisco, CA about OD OS OD-OS is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified medical device company headquartered in Teltow/Berlin, Germany. Its US operation, responsible for marketing, sales and support, is located Grapevine/Dallas, Texas. OD-OS is a subsidiary of SensoMotoric instruments (SMI), the technology leader in eye tracking and registration solutions for refractive laser surgery. Over the past 15 years, SMI has supplied technology to most major refractive laser manufacturers. In 2008, after more than 4 years of development creating retina navigation within SMI, the core development team what spun-out into OD-OS and charged with resources and ophthalmic retina to bring industry experts navigation with its first product, NAVILAS, to the market. For more information visit or call in the US 1 (877) 628-6367 or Europe at + 49 (3328) 31 282-100.