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Online Travel Guide


The English language Cyprus Portal Zypern.de – which takes the top Cyprus News German ZypernportalNeben the visitors now also another online travel guide. Under the heading of land & people topics such as history, religion, economics, fauna, flora and highlights Cyprus can be found”. Here, the visitor can get a quick overview of rewarding excursion destinations. At the sites, the most interesting tourist destinations are outlined and accompanied with beautiful images. Sport and leisure offers everything that is available on Cyprus from skiing to diving excursions. See more”visitors will find really unique and quirky details, E.g.

that Cyprus was the first, ruled by a Christian State or that the first figure by drunks on a Cypriot mosaics can be seen. There is also a great real estate market with some 500 objects, partly also in English language. When it comes to the Cypriot National cheese, Halloumi, cheese friend can find many interesting recipes or a Recipe competition to participate. Who looking for business contacts or want to start a company, the lawyer and expert on Cyprus Robert Scheurich advised by the operators of zypern.de, well and receives current information first-hand. A look at zypern.de worth anyway “so Cyprus expert Robert Scheurich. Insider information, interesting destinations far from mass tourism, maps, and the new online travel guide. Jeffrey L. Bewkes oftentimes addresses this issue. The offer is really wide – I think because something was supposed to be for everyone.

East Frisian Islands Hotel


With Upstalsboom as a strong partner, these houses could their impact and Increase profitability without losing its own identity to sharp cuts. In this manner the medium term for investors would interesting objects, so the Upstalsboom-Managing Director. The exclusive hotel and apartment complex on Langeoog consists of a fleet of houses with a total of 400 beds. The fire ship”as mother House has 50 rooms and is the official Golf Hotel on the island. “” “About 60 apartments and suites in the ferry”, in the flagship “and in the dream ship” as well as the 400-square-meter Spa area are from the dream ship “from achieving a sophisticated underground experience mile where there is also an unusual variety of leisure and recreational activities for adults and children.

With the acquisition of the hotel and apartment complex on Langeoog Upstalsboom tie on to his roots. 1976, Werner H. Janssen and his wife Gretchen with the purchase of a hotel on the North Sea Island laid the foundations for a successful development to the leading provider of holiday on the North and Baltic Sea with 50 hotels and some residences. With always new and unusual business ideas, the founders have created a group of companies, which guarantees highest quality holiday. So they first implemented their business idea of the year-round opening with the hotel on Langeoog and thus enter completely new territory for the East Frisian Islands. Today, this idea of my parents of the Ganzjahressaison ridiculed at the time by many experts is standard”Bodo Janssen, says the the Upstalsboom group, together with its sister INSA for around three years 2. Leads generation. “This tradition, you will feel more than required: we are consciously unusual, put on a designated and certified quality and management system and thereby create new standards.” Upstalsboom Hotel + Leisure GmbH & co.

KG overview the Upstalsboom hotel + with approximately 50 hotels and self catering accommodation, leisure GmbH & co. KG (Emden) is one of the market leaders at the North – and Baltic Sea. The Group employs around 500 people – of which about 60 trainees and generated an annual turnover of approximately EUR 23.5 million in 2008. Bodo and Insa Janssen run the company founded by their parents, Gretchen and the late 2007 Werner H. Janssen since 2005. Set on a high quality service and facilities. After a good two-year consolidation of the company the management end of 2008 ushered in an increased growth rate. In addition to operating its own objects, Upstalsboom offers a comprehensive service for owners of holiday homes and hotels. They can access for marketing, sales, management or purchasing with medium-sized Emden group the resources of a strong and experienced brand partners. This service includes also the project assessment, renovation or sale of objects. Upstalsboom also offers a complete service for investors and investors in the planning and implementation of new holiday projects. The Upstalsboom vacation real estate GmbH offers package with the design, implementation, financing and operating such projects a round-umsorgen go”. Thereby, the company cooperates with powerful partners from the construction and financial sectors.

At The Bargaining, Germany Is Only European Average


63 percent of Germans Act on holiday regularly London/Berlin, February 2, 2009 if the new economy in Germany is only due to the economic crisis, is not sure. But the fact is that nearly two-thirds of Germans on vacation are to traders and trying to push fixed prices. So are the Germans according to a pan-European survey by Hotels.com. only European mediocrity. Favorite bargain object is clothes. Britain is the country of the bargainers Britons are the biggest bargainers of Europe.

76 percent, the usually restrained nation characterized as particularly feilschen happy. By skillful price negotiations, the British holidaymakers thus saved 34 EUR from the travel budget last year per capita. On the heels of feilschende tourists from Scandinavia, are followed closely all the Sweden (73 percent), the British by the Norwegians (72%) and the Danes (66 percent). 64 percent of the French can play their charm even in the negotiation of prices, while 61 percent of Spaniards are trying with the haggling a particularly cheap travel deals to make. The Irish, with 56 per cent are bottom of the statistics. German bargain always and everywhere with 63 percent of regular holiday bargainers Germany placed in the middle of the European filing shear list. However, the German in the negotiation of the individual Schnappchens is particularly committed. Because he tries his bargainers luck wherever you go.

Tourists from Germany Act (90 percent) and Morocco (80 percent) preferred destinations, which are known for their bargaining culture, such as Egypt. Generally speaking, though, any price seems to be everywhere negotiable for German tourists. Also in destinations where you are already cheap prior to on-site services, he tried it with price negotiations. 62 percent and 45 percent respectively have turned at least once in Thailand and Malaysia at the price screw. Also, Spain, the United States, France and even Germany are not safe from the bargain hunters. Practice makes however still no filing shear master: despite the strong commitment is Total profit during a holiday at 86 percent of the haggling Germans under ten euros. About bargain Feilsches-lust”Germany is favorite object of filing shear desire clothing. Whether in the market or in the business, 75 percent of Germans have acted at least once to the price for a piece of clothing. 54 percent to engage for souvenirs on a heated discussion with the locals. Who’s driving the taxi, tried just as his talent in action (46 percent), active leisure at prices for diving, camel riding and other leisure activities (20 percent). Even before hotels German tourists bargain hunting does not stop. Here leads the traveller to the most common negotiations on the Bill of the minibar (19 percent), the food at the restaurant (16 percent), as well as drinks at the hotel bar (five percent). About Hotels.com, Hotels.com’s global hotel portfolio includes 80,000 quality hotels. A customer finds the same booking at another provider competitive rates, refund the Hotels.com Differential amount. In addition, Hotels.com has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry to deliver an objective description of the hotels bookable on Hotels.com. Travelers can book online at or via the telephone hot

Manager Germany Skyscanner


Detailed results of the survey showed that Asian exoticism will attract men, while women prefer more orderly conditions. Thailand, where most of the men would travel, ranks among women only in fifth place. India that five of the desired destinations is on men’s square, get the women on any of the first ten places. It attracts for Austria in the home of Empress Sissi (7th), but not 10 of men up during the top females. Not only in the choice of holiday destination, but also the activities of compromise is required. While sightseeing and good food as the favorite vacation activities are both men and women, gender differences in other activities.

The third favourite employment of women, the Sun, ranked six in men only ranked. Also shopping is far more popular than men in women on vacation: place five Women and ninth among the men. Men, however, rather spend their holiday at the bar than in the business: going out is in them ranked four of the most popular vacation activities, in women only ranked nine. Anke Andrea Sponer AVIAREPS tourism CEO: we are very pleased that we have now this intelligent flight in our portfolio. Our work for the various destinations and the online travel portal CheapTickets.de results in a variety of synergy effects.” “Max Janson, country Manager Germany Skyscanner said: we are convinced that AVIAREPS tourism is the perfect partner to promote our company on the German-speaking countries”.

Top destinations for men 1 Thailand 2 United States 3 Australia 4 Italy 5. India 6 Japan 7 Spain 8 New Zealand 9 Egypt 10 Norway top destinations for women 1 United States 2 Australia 3. Italy 4 New Zealand 5. Thailand 6 Japan 7 Austria 8 Croatia 9 Canada 10 Greece top 5 holiday activities for men 1 sightseeing 2. good Eat 3 nature and wildlife 5 sports 4 going out top 5 holiday activities for women: 1 sightseeing 2 good 3 sessions 4 nature and wildlife 5 shopping about food AVIAREPS tourism: AVIAREPS tourism with its associated PR agency news PLUS is one of the world’s leading tourism representative offices.

Indian Tourist Office


Dates can be found in 25 German cities instead of Frankfurt, June 2011. The Indian Tourism Office invites tour operators, employees of travel agencies and airlines to free information sessions about the destination of India. The “incredible India”workshops are held in 25 cities nationwide. Start of the event series is on June 17, 2011. Interesting breakfast events India informed not only of the country but presented new products and developments in the tourism sector of the Indian subcontinent. The country-wide workshops aims it, a deeper understanding and knowledge of the product of incredible India”to regain its cultural diversity, the historical and the modern India, so that participants can send their customers well informed during the holidays. Under the following link you can register for the individual appointments: incredible-india-workshop.0.html dates: 17th June: Frankfurt am Main, Germany 20-23 June: Erfurt, Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin June 27 July 1: Hamburg, Rostock, Kiel, Bremen, Hannover 12-16 September: Bielefeld, Castrop-rauxel, Essen, Dusseldorf, Cologne 19-23 September: Wurzburg, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Munich, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 26-30 September: Bonn, Trier, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Freiburg, the number of participants is limited. Every company, maximum 4 participants can visit a workshop.. To broaden your perception, visit Robert A. Iger .