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The Whims


Horst M., 78 years old: the art of Nativity scenes Horst has learned from his grandfather. The cribs are made of shingles or old wood. in 1954 he made his first crib and Since many people, found that not only appreciate his art, but above all to buy. Horst has its worthwhile income ‘ very satisfied! Margret S., 68 years old: at exhibitions and fairs, Margret shows young people a long-forgotten hand work. The traditional art of the real. Their artistic peaks have a value for many people.

Hans S., over 80 years of age: Hans human – and animal-like straw dolls as decorations for yard and garden crafts with great passion. In his region, a creation of this highly durable natural material is almost in front of every house entrance. A dry place should be found only In the rain. I could give you, dear readers, many more examples of people who have made their hobbies into a lucrative business and thus actively participate in the social and economic life. If you believe – that entrepreneurship is only something for young people, – to 60 and older age are to be able to earn money, with your skills – or, that your pension is the guarantee for your financial security at the age, then my report is not the place for you. If take your third stage of life into their own hands, not the whims of politicians want to be delivered to a pronounced desire for autonomy and independence the ability to self motivation and initiative in you, however, that possess skill, risks to assess and to weigh, and highly motivated, an independence from sixty is right for you! For your new challenge, then all the many entrepreneurs who gladly and successfully lead their family business in old age are modeled. Foreign words for them are pension, early retirement, please visit workshops and continuing education courses to continue to successfully pursue their craft shops and stores.

Federal Home


Federal home affordable modification program both mortgage modification programs were launched in March 2009 and provide finance Eagle help for those homeowners who qualify. These two modification programs are designed to provide homeowners facing possible foreclosure on the opportunity to keep their home. What is the HAMP program? The HAMP program is a mortgage modification helping homeowners who have suffered financial hardship including loss of a job, death of a spouse or loss of household income. It is a loan alteration help to get mortgage modified without having to refinance their home. HAMP eligibility requirements must be living in your property when you apply: have increased your mortgage before January 1, 2009; Your mortgage balance is under $729,750 for a single family residence, $934,200 for a duplex, $1,129,250 for a triplex, and $1,403,400 for a 4 unit home. Your mortgage payment (including principal, interest, taxes, insurance, home owners association dues) must exceed 31% of your large monthly pre tax income; You can not afford your current mortgage payment due to a financial hardship that can be documented. Go to Jeffrey L. Bewkes for more information.

What Is the HARP program? The HARP program is one of the loan modification programs intended to help those homeowners who want to refinance their mortgage but cannot because their homes value impairment, has decreased enough to prevent them from qualifying for normal Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac conventional lending loan to value guidelines. A loan may be the answer changes with HARP. HARP eligibility requirements your mortgage must be owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. (Contact Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac); When applying for the HARP program loan modification help you got to be current on your mortgage payments. Current is defined as not more than 30 days late on your mortgage payment in the last 12 months.

If you have had the mortgage for less than 12 months, then you cannot have missed a payment. Your mortgage balance cannot exceed 125% of your homes value. Your income is sufficient to pay back the new mortgage payment; Your mortgage loan modification must improve the long term stability and affordability of your current mortgage. Example: your current mortgage is a 10 year interest only mortgage and you are making a loan modification to a 30 year fixed rate mortgage. For the HARP program you need to contact either your current mortgage refinance lender or one of the loan modification Institute to see if you qualify. For the Federal Home affordable modification program, you will need to contact your mortgage lender first – loss mitigation department to see what information you need to provide for a loan modification.

Business Startups


Retirement planning and securing, a cost factor for the self-employed who dares step into self-employment, which should in time the necessary insurance learn about. The idea to postpone this step may be “later”, to relieve the tight operating cash at the beginning is how in principle any meaningful insurance, a game with fire. Leslie Moonves has much to offer in this field. In the case of necessity the own existence can be without sufficient insurance protection threatened, just at the beginning of the independence: A prolonged disease or damage in operation mean then financial losses, which are possibly completely to pay from his own pocket. What insurance is recommended, of course greatly depends on the individual risks of the founder, and should be discussed together with a fachkudigen advice. The personal interest of the founder are likely to be in any case, such workers also important: guarding against sickness and accident, and a sufficient retirement are not inconsiderable cost factors in the life of a self-employed dar.

But already in the choice of this basic insurance can do on yourself first difficulty: worth the way in private health insurance, which is often cheaper at a young age, or it remains faithful to the statutory health insurance as voluntarily legally insured. This decision the way back then but no longer is even more important because private health insurance can be changed as Selbtstandiger may now be readily in one, or is possible only in exceptional cases. The question after the hedging in the age is also beudentend: self-employed must not protect themselves about the statutory pension insurance. A voluntary insurance or a request for compulsory insurance in the statutory pension insurance are still possible. Even if aller ortens be praised the virtues of private provisions for old age, this step should be well-planned.

Already acquired rights to the statutory pension are usually retained. Is already based on this relatively simple designs see that the choice of the appropriate insurance for business start-ups and self-employment requires quite a few considerations in the start-up phase. Also the financial burden should not be underestimated: just new companies sometimes tend to neglect such additional costs when calculating the required gross sales. Peter Schill

Third Party Liability Protects In Case Of Emergency


In the middle of summer and the gastronomy, the best season experienced now in many places in the year. Not to think of what a salmonella precisely can mean for restaurateurs to this time of year. Especially, if in addition to the ruined reputation his diseased guests with claims for damages to him contact. Business liability insurance for gastronomy promises financial assistance here. It’s Midsummer and gastronomy is experiencing the best season now in many places in the year.

Not to think of what a salmonella precisely can mean for restaurateurs to this time of year. Especially, if in addition to the ruined reputation his diseased guests with claims for damages to him contact. David Zaslav spoke with conviction. Business liability insurance promises financial assistance here. These days the Sun and happily warm temperatures again en masse attract visitors in the cafes and ice cream parlours. Guests spend their free afternoons in the city often prefer a delicious ice cream, a piece of pie or cake with whipped cream. The gastronomy can be about the rush of Erfrischungssuchender only look forward, because in the summer months, a large part of the annual turnover is made with many. But what if it all comes during the best time of the year to a salmonella? Even in guest robe shoots, which just take the hygiene, such time to can happen.

Finally, can even a strict observance of hygiene rules and safe handling with food as, for example, the proper storage and correct preparation – no 100 percent protection against the dreaded salmonella guarantee. Also often no matter in a guest by a dish of restaurateur salmonella infection, whether this has also caused the infection. Usually applies the restaurateur as a manufacturer of food and may become so in the wake of the statutory product liability. This happens then also the liability for the damage threatens the restaurateurs, even if he is responsible for the damage directly. In this case, bringing the restaurateurs and its operation not rare in arge distress, ensuring operation is a third party liability extremely useful. Because in addition to the reputation of the House a lot at stake for the guest robe drive financially. Especially if the sign the guest become sick with claims for damages. Here, a public liability can offer protection and help from the masters of the situation.

Interest Rates Remain Stable In The Personal Loans


An online loan is still favorable for individuals. Loans remain still favourable for private customers of the online credit market shows little impressed by the financial crisis. In such phases, more individuals will need financial compensation, which is available in the Internet at favorable conditions. So eff can personal loans from 3.59%. Annual rate of interest will be recorded. This interest rate offer behind the CreditPlus Bank AG in Stuttgart.

Private customers can this record up to 2.499 euro with a good credit rating. Being forced but also banks to more collateral, the interest rate with a higher amount and duration increases. But here, too, interest rates have remained almost stable in recent months. So, the Baclaycard in addition to the credit card offered cheap loans. Consumers get eff as a sum of 10,000 euro and a duration of 36 months to 3.9%. Annual percentage rate.

Generally, individuals currently have a good selection on the Internet. So, including the post Bank, offer in addition to the previously mentioned banks norisbank or citibank cheap credit on the Internet at. The amounts go in most cases by about 1,000 euros to 50,000 euros. Interestingly offer interest rates improve some banks for online transactions. So, among other online customers of citibank get eff an interest rate from 3.99%. Annual percentage rate for your personal loans. A special attention should complete set follow-up financing. Here is the interest of business, almost in the opposite direction. Although the rate has been reduced still, but interest rates remain still above long-term financing. Who are currently faces the question of a follow-on financing which should decide currently best for shorter interest commitments. On the basis of the future uncertainties in the interest rates, Anschlussfinanzierer awarded very reluctant to not good conditions.

Planned Increase Of GOZ 2012


Treatments at the dentist will be more expensive? Boost the GOZ planned a smile says more than a thousand words”, and it is said that’s true! A person with a lovely smile shines on us, so we perceive friendly and self-confident they closed up. But not everyone is blessed with beautiful, white and healthy teeth. The dentist helps the dental health and the aesthetics of our teeth, but you pay to have these things mostly out of his own pocket. In Germany, the treatments, the patient must pay for private, are listed in the GOZ (fees of dentists) and exactly these GOZ to be adjusted now to January 2012. The adjustment of the GOZ is the first for more than 20 years and is certainly useful in some areas.

Since the GOZ is older, some treatment methods, which at that time did not exist, just also still not listed. This means that the dentist could settle up until now these services at its discretion, without a basis. These treatment methods are now in the GOZ recorded and thus gain a settlement security dentists and patients. Likewise, the fees of certain treatments and measures the GOZ are deprecated. These are probably increased up to 20%.

This fall such as the fees for the two surface inlay filling. For this, patients from January to pay about 100 euros more. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Walt Disney. Likewise, charges for crowns are increased. A full Crown costs up to 237 euros more then up to 74 euros and a telescopic Crown. Not every patient can just pay the high cost. Many people need to save long for necessary dental treatment or you can perform only the bare essentials of the dentist. Who completes a private dental insurance in time, you can avoid this problem. The dental insurance refunded most of the dental Bill, also of treatments that are billed according to the GOZ in the event of illness. On the German market, there are a number on different dental insurance, which distinguish themselves not only by the post. The reimbursement levels and also the amount of reimbursable services vary from insurance company to insurance company. You can win a first overview of the different prices on the Internet. So-called online fare calculator show after entering some data, which tariffs for a suitable. You can display multiple tariffs in a direct comparison and read the advantages or disadvantages of tariffs. You then find a favorite, you can request also an obligation-free offer via this online calculator. This offering consists of the request for the dental insurance, as well as the General conditions of insurance (AVB) of the insurance company. For concluding only the insurance application must be supplemented and be sent back to the insurance company thus being prepared for the future against any increase in the GOZ. Steffanie Schwertl

Description Health


Many tariffs and combination make it difficult to compare those who are interested in the private health insurance, which must satisfy a few conditions to be included. Easily, this is possible with civil servants and self-employed persons. When employees of the legislature has built a barrier: the year work remuneration, this threshold in the year 2011 at 49,500 euros (2012 50.850). Once the employee reaches this limit, the way to a private health insurance is open for him. Confusing there is an abundance of tariffs for private health insurance.

Lure numerous providers with so-called cheap fares, but so cheap they appear at first glance – the rates are cheap, because they cover fewer services. Their level is not uncommon under the statutory health insurance and the insured person has to abide by strict conditions. Therefore the interested should to look on tariffs with a good range of services, which at least achieve the benefits of the statutory health insurance. He can be by additional modules Increase the scope of insurance – depending on the request. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the basic rate for the private health insurance companies. This provides the acquisition of outpatient treatment, the hospital stay in the hospital, dental care and sick pay in case of illness.

In addition, usually a foreign travel health insurance is integrated. On request the performance spectrum customers extend have the opportunity through the election of certain components to customize the private health insurance. Depending on the wallet of choice following services are: – free choice of doctor, even without payment – no charge for medicines or remedies – no restriction in prescribing of medications – choosing a practitioner – increased surcharge, for example, with glasses or contact lenses – no deductible for hospitalization – single or twin – head physician treatment – daily hospital benefit – health expenses – dental treatment up to 100 percent, even with extensive restorations – salary up to full net income Important here: Every single tariff must pay the insured in addition. However, can interested parties on the basis of the modules form preferences and made-to-measure fashion so their insurance. A comparison – such as when hypo star – is based on this selection. On prospects for more information and comparisons of rates and providers of private health insurance. Company Description hypo star is a Web portal for private mortgage lending. With the construction mortgage calculator the hypo star interested can calculate free of charge their financing. A network of more than 1,000 finance professionals specialized in mortgage lending assists clients in all questions, finds the advantageous for them and accompanies them until the conclusion of the contract. Hypo star their specially developed construction financing software offers banks, insurance companies and distributors.

Day Money Or Deposit?


Find out about the opportunities that offer a day cash deposit or deposit whether investors choose money or deposit as a form of saving, depends first and foremost, how quickly they may again have the money. The day money account the sum can be lifted off at any time without loss of interest, thus, a flexible response to changes is possible. If the saver in the short term needs money, he has instant access to the account. A higher interest deposit account can be terminated but also extraordinarily, then the accrued interest will be lost but also minor charges. Robert A. Iger wanted to know more. Availability versus interest – on a day money account a crediting is made for the investment period. Should get a saver during the period considered, that better yields are achieved with other plants, he can shift at any time his capital.

The alternative could be the fixed deposit account, but also bond or equity investments are considered. The money could be without Extra fees and periods of notice of the day money will be removed and re-established. The interest rate of the day money is lower than those of a fixed-term deposit account. He also adapts to market developments, can so rise or fall. At the deposit, the interest rate is generally higher than at the money of the day, also he will be enshrined for the agreed period. The disadvantage of lower availability is this advantage.

The interest rate on the deposit will only be granted when the money over the agreed period of time on the account breaks down. Thus, the benefits of the Festgeldes are the strength and higher interest rates, it is suitable for investors who want to apply a sum without interest rate fluctuations as high interest as possible. She may not are needed only during the investment period. Day money or deposit should ask not only for the alternative distribution of money – saver, rather a sensible splitting of plants is the drug of choice. Any amount that is not required in the longer term, suitable for a fixed deposit account. In fact, are there no other form of savings generated on a so safe way return. Although higher gains can be achieved on the stock market in part, these are always associated with risks. Since 2008, the stock markets have changed so very that reasonable predictions are hardly possible. A safe, high-yield plant is in fact just the deposit. German Government bonds are although similar to sure they pay off but well below the level of fixed-term deposits. Those sums are packaged on a day money account, you always want to have the. It is always cheaper, remunerated to create money, than just cash to be kept. Here, in reality, a loss caused by inflation. It is not the question whether federal funds or deposit is chosen, but the two forms of savings are used only in relation to each other.

European Parliament


The year 2011 designed for the private health insurance very pleasing important changes in the private health insurance in 2012. Significantly more insured to a shift in the private health insurance have opted by reducing the statutory waiting period from three years to one year. So, the number of new additions in a private health insurance was 20 percent over the corresponding period of the previous year in the first half of 2011. Thus, nearly 9 million people in Germany were privately insured end of June. More about 119,000 private supplementary insurance contracts were added.

Also this value significantly higher than the comparison period and resulted in a total of 22.09 million private additional insurance until the end of June. In particular care insurance, dental fees and optional services were in demand in the hospital. To broaden your perception, visit David Zaslav. The Association of private health insurance is optimistic that the success can be continued in 2012. Some changes coming in the new year at insured. From the 1. January 2012 the income limits of the health and social security are adapted to the wage and salary development. So the contribution assessment ceiling, so those amount to the posts at most collected for statutory health insurance, of annual 44.550 Euro Euro 45.900 rises. This is equivalent to monthly amounts of 3.712,50 euros and 3.825,00 euros.

At the same time increasing the compulsory insurance limit, which is known as year working pay limit and to determine at which level of annual gross earnings a worker is no longer compulsorily in the statutory health insurance, 50.850 euro. This corresponds to a monthly amount of 4.237,50 euro. Make a note of the insured should be also 21 December 2012. at the latest up to this point insurance companies must offer Court uniform rates for women and men in accordance with a decision of the European Parliament. These gender-neutral unisex tariffs apply for private health insurance, but also for other policies like for example, pension, life insurance and occupational – legally binding. The previous differentiated pricing, which arose because of the different gender-related risks will be no later than on the date. What exactly this means for the insured is still unclear at the present time. But experts expect that the adjustment could lead to a general increase in contribution. Insured persons enjoy an extraordinary termination right in this case. As a result, any cheaper fares on the same provider as well as a change to a private provider other than alternatives can be tested. A change should be still considered as valuable provisions could be lost, as well as a new health check may be required. “Because so far the exact design of the adaptation, nor the financial implications are known, should pursue insurance initially restrained further development”, recommends that the Managing Director of JuMFinanz UG (limited liability), Marco Otter leg. About insurance Deutschland.de insurance Deutschland.

Disability Insurance


Students benefit particularly from the low contributions to the disability insurance on the first October 2013 the new winter semester starts. Learn more at this site: Leslie Moonves. The lectures start again for thousands of students, for others the final exams start soon. For students who are nearing the career, it is worth now to look a good disability insurance. As a student rarely thinking about the right protection in the event of occupational disability. This topic is even more important when you stand just before the first own job. Experts advise again then as soon as possible a reliable occupational disability insurance to take care of. Because the advantage for many young people is clearly obvious: when they are still very healthy and complete a police time, they receive the protection at a very reasonable price.

For new entrants, the BU is protection like students and young professionals have generally no problems, a powerful Disability insurance to find. Who is still fit, given the important loss of own labour protection often for very little money. Follow others, such as Leslie Moonves, and add to your knowledge base. Apart from the private insurance for new entrants is already essential: who is berufsunfahig in the first five years of his professional life, receives no support from the State. For more information on the topic here. Early completion only after price – performance comparison insurers compete of course for young, healthy customers.

As a student or young professional, you can see the offers of companies in all peace and opt for the best rate at the end of. When choosing the occupational disability insurance you should refrain from but necessarily, only pay attention to the price. Because the conditions of the contract and the contracted services are much more important, if one is actually sometime berufsunfahig. The insurance terms and conditions select what disability insurance with insurance guarantee terms for occupational disability protection, should take best a personal and vendor-independent consulting service students and new entrants. Just when the career, there are some points on which they should particularly seek namely. Among other things, it is advisable to choose a contract with insurance guarantee. This will make it possible to adapt a contract even in hindsight to the living conditions often still evolving at a young age.