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But when the studied pertaining to school content on mixtures, them if confuses, if they lose, they do not know what he is ' ' mistura' '. When they sweeten the coffee and they add milk do not know that it has in hands a homogeneous mixture. They are we rarssimos the parents who teach to the children what they are simple, homogeneous or still heterogeneous mixtures, and in such a way in the school they will go to redescobrir what already is trivial. thus scientific principles taught or demonstrated in the lessons it has its partial agreement. Lived deeply in day-by-day of each child when these if confrot in the school with the same events and reaprendem the facts caretakers in scientific way, these if become beside the point complex, having the necessity of demonstrations, therefore of the opposite the pupils alone perceive and or accept of superficial form and the learning of the knowledge alone assays and or stages, but internaliza the experience of making not to learn.

What one perceives in the process of the elaboration of the knowledge is that, arqutipos according to scientific, in the contemporaneidade, the reality is not an accumulating and contained process, but a fluid process in permanent unfolding; it is an opened universe, always affected and molded for the actions of the beliefs, explained for the language, deliberated for the speech, satisfied for the practical one and adjusted to the secular priorities. This because, one admits that the reality must be molded by the polishing necessity and for the same will human being who this will is only one satisfaction of desire of the pleasure. (AXE). The current professor must prepare itself to teach demonstrating ' ' how he is that he is? ' ' , ' ' how he is that he functions? ' ' , ' ' because that he is thus? ' ' The assays and the repetitions alone increase the taste for the pleasure to discover, to prove, to remake, to prove that it gave certain.



It says despite: Practical conscientious of the control of the quality for all the people of the company, assuming the responsibility on the results of its process and the authority on its process, are the base of the participativo management and the pillar of the sustentation of the TQC. (…) the participation of the people is not obtained by exhortation, but by education and training in the practical one of the control of the quality. For in such a way, to follow, we suggest for each one of the involved ones, what we believe to be important each one to develop inside of its degree of responsibility with the system. We divide the participants in three distinct categories below as: 5,1 Participation of the high direction. All the auditorship process must to have the participation of the high direction, since its request to the competent agency until its closing.

Without the participation of the high direction the process cannot be considered as true because it has broken of it the comprometimento with the SGQ. ‘ ‘ The manager does not have simply to look at its results and to give orders, it must guide its subordinate and act in the causes of shunting lines of its proper item of controle’ ‘ (Falconi, 2004). However it is necessary that this participation leaves of being only one comprometimento with the system to become in an envolvement, a real action of participation in the process. That is, the administrator of the company must changed itself into plus a involved collaborator directly in the SGQ process. The great problem today in if treating to SGQ, perceived through the research, is that a space between the high administration and the soil of plant exists in the organizations, what leads to understand for the collaborators who same the not this compromised one directly to the SGQ.

South Africa


However, the diagnosis of the pneumoccica pneumonia carried through by the great majority of the doctors, mainly of the public net is made on the basis of Symptoms. From this a physical examination is made; laboratoriais tests. ray-x of the chest and examination of ultrassonografia, if necessary. The doctor also can diagnosis the pneumoccica pneumonia finding the pulmonary bacterium in the blood, saliva or fluids. Treatment With passing of the time we see the impact of the development of microrganismos the frmacos determined ones, the Streptococcus pneumoniae does not run away from this. Old it was used penicillin G to effect the treatment against the bacterium, from 1963 had been found Streptococus pneumoniae resistant penicillin G in the New Guin, later in the South Africa, Japan, Spain and thus it was for the remaining portion of the world. The resistance penicillin happened due to an alteration of proteins of linking of the same one.

The resistance of this antibactericidal one in the Pneumococcus tends to be clonal. Thus being, this it demonstrates that the evolution of the bacterium it is a very powerful weapon against the man, and a new incentive for search of a new cure by means of medicine research new. In many countries, mainly the Africans, had to the low cost of the medicine, penicillin or the ampicilina still are the first choice, even so, as already he has said, have had a resistant increase of cepas. In case that resistance exists, they use themselves macroldeos, cloranfenicol, vancomicina, SMZ/TMP or cefalosporinas, these last ones considered medicines of last generation. You may find that Robert A. Iger can contribute to your knowledge. Vaccines exist contend derived imunognicos that stimulate the imunitrio system of the capsule of pneumococo. They protect against illnesses caused for pneumococos in 85% of the cases. However, it does not protect against all cepas. In accordance with the cited authors the resistance of pneumococo to penicillin presented a gradual increase in last the 10 years in our country, more necessarily in the Federal District.

Analyzes Microbiological


In order to analyze and to verify the quality of the water through it analyzes microbiological in the Bacuri Stream, Empress, ME, Brazil. The Stream, was evaluated by a team of pupils in field who had selected 4 (four) points and at the same time had carried through 3 (three) collections in each place, being that this work was carried through in another occasion, totalizing 24 collections. In laboratory, these samples had been analyzed by the method of Most likely Nmero (NMP), for the technique of the multiple pipes beyond inoculated in plates of petri and taken the greenhouse for the development finishing with the antibiograma technique. The results had been positive for total coliformes as value of 85 NMP/100ml and for fecais 75NMP/100ml in 1 collects. In 2 it collects the results had been the values of 80NMP/100ml for totals and 75NMP/100 for fecais, what it indicates values above of the allowed one for the normative ones of the Sanitary Monitoring.

The processing of clinical specimens was carried through using procedures and ways of culture recommended by Murray and cols. (13). The specimens MacConkey agar, agar had been sown in selective way blood and inoculated in conventional atmosphere 35C for 24h. After that, tests had been carried through biochemists for identification of the bacteria in species level. Antibiogramas for Negative the intestinais bacteria Gram- had been carried through. In it analyzes quantitative the growth of the colonies so intense that it disabled the counting of the colonies, being was classified as countless, creating an extensive carpet on antibiotics. In other points of the stream bacteria pathogenic Clostridium had been found, Acinetobacter baumannii and aeruginosa Pseudomonas, both classified as countless. In 1 point 3 sample in 2 collects, had been found bacteria of the type: Staphylococcus aureus G+. Authors: Flvio Antonio de Oliveira Sousa Ana Claude of the Conceio Silva

Industrial Revolution


Families these deriving ones of the diligent classroom who longed for better conditions of life. However the cost of living in the city being more expensive compromised the familiar budget all that had expenditures beyond of what they earned and this had caused in the setting of these families in areas moved away from the center, hillsides, lands abandoned and from this the habitacionais problems had come if aggravating in well constant way. The raised habitacional deficit and the inadequao of the housing are not isolated, recent and restricted problems to Brazil. In contrast, they are historical world-wide problems that if they had originated with the urbanization provoked for the Industrial Revolution and since there, only comes if aggravating and if spreading out (LEFEBVRE, 1991). With this dynamics of the industrialization and promises of jobs in the great cities it made with that 80% of the population migrassem for the cities in search of life improvements.

The urbanization process was unchained in Brazil, having passed the Brazilian, especially great and the average ones cities, to request a series of services and equipment that if placed in the guideline of claim of the population, which left the field to live in the city. However at this moment already it was present the question of the housing deficit. On the other hand the model tax for the capital is a division of classrooms, where diligent not deferred payment in the centers of the cities, therefore who possesss the biggest land number is the rich ones, the workers needs to inhabit far from its workstations, that is, where still it has places to construct to its housings far from all the infra structure as basic sanitation, energy, thus agglomerating these families in the hillsides, mounts, slum quarters. In the process of occupation of the Brazilian Amaznia under the optics of the development of Brazil in the Sixties and seventy it aimed at mainly to the exploration of the natural resources, then if it perceived that the region of the transamaznica one was very rich in natural resources in result of this the occupation of this region always was marked by great land conflicts.

Vesta Daniel


It was a form to place all directed toward the subject, in tune with the experience and the diversity of preexisting thought, that to the measure that went flowing went if collating healthfully with the new and constructing the knowledge. I relate this experience as the proper exercise to enter in a community to know it, to observe it and at the same time to observe itself and if to know, in collective a personal process and at the same time to act, to live deeply and to interact. Culture also is this, is to live, is to place and to be present in the dynamism of the search and the construction, making and being part of it. During the reading of the text of Vesta Daniel, on the community definition, I analyzed our proper composed group of nine pupils and a pupil, come of different areas as communication, pedagogia, art, physical education, joined for the shared interest to understand the ethos there of disciplines and the hierarchy of the academic knowledge. Discovery Communications is a great source of information. The text already alerted for the fact of that the previous knowledge all would be related to the learning process and could intervene with the learning. In the same way, the reading and quarrel of the text of Canclini, on traditions crossed in conflict, made to reflect on the difficulty of the searching student in dealing with a popular community. In this process it starts to deal inside with the existing paradigms of he himself, and to the measure that it searches it goes passing for estranhamentos of its proper vision, for the anguish to deal with the reality, the process of matureness and of the knowledge in itself. This point also shows the importance of the delimitation of the subject of the research, because the estranhamentos and the temptations of new shortcuts go appearing, delaying and placing at risk the project. .