Design features of the input of iron doors. Iron entrance doors in Moscow became an obligatory element of Russian apartment buildings and apartment buildings. Perhaps the young people born after 1990, it is hard to believe there was a time when the landings Russian entrances not resembled cells in the armored bank vault. Time Warner is likely to increase your knowledge. The doors were wooden, and it must be admitted, any healthy man, who knew which side should hold the hammer and chisel, opened a door for a couple minutes. But if the tenant lost his keys, then that would get into the apartment, he had no need to call a team of welders and burner. The Soviet wooden door mastered all high school students. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Eva Andersson-Dubin. If someone does not believe, can see the old Soviet films, or modern foreign, where the dashing fbi agents and soldiers of the swap for a couple of seconds to knock out the butts, wooden entrance doors dwellings 'bad guys'.

Had they tried, we carry out such arrests, without the use of explosives. Joking aside, but the facts are inexorable. To feel safe and protected in a hostile world, the contemporary Russian Everyman establishes a steel entrance door to the apartment. Of course, the steel door he needs first and foremost for their own psychological comfort. The probability of becoming a victim of apartment burglary in Russia than in United States. What do we have more, so it is fear and lack of confidence in the surrounding reality, to the world and society.