Last year was marked by adverse changes in U.S. real estate market and some European countries. Few can boast of improving the investment climate in the industry. So for 2007, Bulgaria became leader in the growth of housing prices, on average they rose by 30%. For more specific information, check out Leslie Moonves. And according to experts in the coming years the growth will continue at 10-20% per year due to increased demand from both the leisure and the investors.

Among interested buyers considerable proportion of Russian entrepreneurs. Many of them have already rated the investment attractiveness of Bulgaria. What are the reasons unabating interest in real estate in this country? Define basic: Bulgaria's entry into the European Union marked a new era in economic development and policy, it led to a reduction of risks for buyers. Inflows of EU construction new facilities and infrastructure, high rates of GDP growth, a sharp drop in unemployment – all this leads to an increase in property values and quality of recreation in Bulgaria. Since October 2007, Bulgarian banks began to issue mortgage loans to Russian citizens at relatively low interest rates – an average of 8.5% (compared to Moscow, a similar rate is 13.4%). Known Bulgarian hospitality and friendly attitude towards the particular Russian blurs the boundaries between our two countries. A related language allows investors and holidaymakers from Russia to quickly and easily assimilated in the country. The climate in Bulgaria can relax in comfort and hot summer on the sandy beaches, and winter on the picturesque ski resorts. Property tax in Bulgaria is among the lowest in Europe – 0.15% of property value, both for individuals and legal entities. The material is taken from the official website of the company "Evrobereg Company offers studios, apartments, houses, land, commercial real estate in Bulgaria.