Get at least the seasons. Products in this connection are used at the time of year when they are especially tasty, a young green tea, bamboo shoots and salmon are good in the late spring and the first mushrooms matsutake and mackerel – in the fall. Each season presented their views of fruits, vegetables and fish: winter – tangerine, autumn – persimmon, summer – trout. Now it's decor. Thus, the winter mood will give the salad grated white daikon (Japanese radish cultivar), creating the illusion of wet snow adhering to the slices of colorful vegetables. Autumn symbolizes the carrots, cut in the shape of maple leaves. In the spring version of the dish is sprinkled with white and pink ginger petals, reminiscent of cherry blossoms.

Of slices of radish, carrots, pumpkin dishes spread on flower iris, chrysanthemums and roses, which will confirm once again that summer in the yard. Only the noodles in Japan are not subject to any winter or summer or autumn. She – a universal product, served Cold and hot as a main dish and side dish, in soup and the salad, boiled, fried and baked with sauce and without. In Japan, preparing it at home, all the dough More traditionally hung on bamboo poles to dry in outdoors. But meat is also prized in Japan, and no less than the fish. The Japanese are equally loved and pork, and beef, and mutton, and poultry. Food lovers all over the world dream at least once to try marbled meat.