Status – abstract Disambiguation, in a general sense denoting a set of stable values of the parameters of an object or subject. From a simplified point of view of status of the object or subject – it's his state. With the advent of digital technologies and the advent of the World Wide Web 'Internet' meaning the status received numerous number of meanings and new applications. Statuses have begun to use in programs such as icq, qip, and many other clients to communicate using a protocol 'icq'. In these programs, he took her, not as usual in the form of text in the form of very clear images, which are designated status of a person with whom you communicate, these pictures you can show how your emotional state and physical occupation at the moment.

Using the status received the same extensive application in social networks, such as In social networks status has already received its humorous value, when a person instead of what to write in it the emotional or physical. state, enter any place or a joke, for example: Instead of 'preparing for the new year,' says' soon in an Internet new year we will not celebrate and obnavlyat ' . Often used in the status of quotations of great thinkers such as Karl Marx, Mao Tszedu etc. but the most impressive when a man thinks he will sit and make the status which is most suited to its current physical or moral status, such status is more valuable because it reveals the essence of that invested in them by their author and can often be used as other people. People in mostly opting for gay status for themselves not downcutting of the fact that they actually on the soul, thus putting on a mask that hides from prying their internal anxiety and feelings, on the one hand it is good should be positive-minded, but we must not forget that the closing of yourself you withdraw from the understanding and meaning of the word life. Be careful when status is not just a text chosen to hide these emotions is a way to transfer your feelings and experiences of others as they would go.