If the newspaper is doing poorly and has to close, you can run the risk of falling into a very dangerous pothole and put in risk your operations. This most likely would not happen to a hypothetical competitor that uses several different media to advertise. On the other hand and in another hypothetical situation, you could find, horrified, that the greater part of your potential customers do not even read the newspaper! Well, to be able to identify a good mix of marketing, is now necessary to consider that; people may respond differently to different stimuli. Some respond well to written messages, others images or graphs, others even to hearing messages, or any combination of all the above. Ideally, your marketing mix should include multiple channels and different ways of getting messages to your potential customers (market), for example; print media, internet marketing, radio, Visual Media, direct marketing, etc. The important thing here, is to combine channels with messages so that each channel used references from others that you are using in your marketing strategy. For example, If advertise you in a specialized magazine always get reference from other media you are using, unless you have a specific reason for not doing so; site Internet, some sponsorship on radio, the existence of a CD with your product or service information, etc. It is also very important to consider the market segment to which you want to go with each channel and the message type you should use, which will always be different, at least in its form, for each audience you want to reach with your advertising message. Finally, you must raise awareness that maintaining an adequate marketing budget is vital to achieve the objectives of any organisation. However, in these times of permanent crisis, you must make a special exercise in imagination and creativity in order to, under the current circumstances, the best possible marketing mixtures.