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Important Change In The VersVermV


Still do not know the tightening of the agent policies for the distribution of financial services products and the introduction of the documentation requirement makes some financial advisors to create what many financial services providers. The significant overhead and new changes of VermVersV cause that the administrative burden of some advisers has increased greatly. “Many lone and insurance intermediaries have a hard time, the requirements for a clean or installation – and investor-friendly advice was to keep.” The requirements for a competent advisor have grown sharply. Connect with other leaders such as Comcast here. Software that meets the current requirements of the market and the legal regulations is essential. We focus on innovative software solutions that facilitate administrative operations consultants, offers customers a comprehensive retirement planning and life financial planning, and automatically provides documentation of consulting.”so Marco Terracciano, Managing Director of best finance asset management. In ongoing discussions with industry colleagues, we have the following noted: it is known that a further modification of the regulation on insurance mediation and advice (short VersVermV) comes just a few. We would like to point out on this occasion that brokers as of 1 March 2010 need to extend their initial information VersVermV according to 11 an indication of the maximum price for calls made from mobile networks.

When the Arbitration Board (ombudsmen), that would be also necessary in principle. However, here no telephone number must be specified, the mailbox address is sufficient. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Walt Disney. Breite Strasse 29, 10178 Berlin e.V. phone: 0-180-500 585-0 0,14 EUR / min. from a German landline, 0.42 EUR / min from mobile phone networks) or “”we with all our expertise ensure, that certain standards in customer consulting be. It is important to gain the confidence of the customers.

Away from the “weekend – insurance agent” and down to installation – and investor-friendly advice to the best of our knowledge and belief. Holistic retirement planning and consulting exclusively tailored to the goals and desires of the customers. We owe all of the clients that!”so Marco finally Terracciano. Publisher: Best finance asset management Marco Terracciano Konigstrasse 26 70173 Stuttgart Tel.: + 49 (0) 711 / 18 567-406 email:

Ukraine Information Portal New


The look and the ease of use of the portal have been changed by these changes, it is the visitors of the ukrain information portal now to the first more easily possible to navigate through the many pages of the Portales. Furthermore, the reading of the same to the eye is but considerably more pleasant by the new white background of the text box. These changes were made by us should ever more visitors use our portal and they feel comfortable on our pages to find the desired information at rest. Rupert Murdoch addresses the importance of the matter here. Of course our team is working continually to improve the content of the portal will find new interesting topics and to incorporate into the portal. For new subscribers of our newsletter we have come up with a specific action. So anyone who our Nesletter Subscribe get a “welcome gift” until further notice! This gift is download our popular eBooks “Ukrainians iron travel helpers” to one free! Through this gift we would like to thank in advance the subscribers for the placed in us Thank you trust! Stefan Alesi. For assistance, try visiting Walt Disney.

Clickhotel.TV Is Online!


Who shows up at clickhotel.tv, which can be seen! After over 2-year development phase, it is now so far: clickhotel.tv, the first Web TV specialty channel for hotels and tourism regions with integrated price comparison is with its version 1.0 online! clickhotel.TV is the first international Web TV specialty channel for hotels and lodging companies and tourism destinations. In addition, clickhotel.tv is an Internet-based reservation service for the global provision of accommodation and sightseeing options. For hotels, clickhotel.tv represents an e-commerce platform on which they can distribute their accommodation and especially special offer packages with accuracy of target group and range at low cost. And that is all the unique and innovative clickhotel.tv in the form of moving images (reports, corporate films, trailers, commercials). Booking customers have the ability to toll free travel deals and hotel rooms at special rates in several languages quickly and easy to book online.

Through interface connection to the leading hotel booking portals, customers can already select worldwide from more than 250,000 hotels and book binding in real time. But not enough: Similar to established consumer portals customers on can compare prices and thus really book at the best price. Static online booking websites were last night! As of now, a whole new dimension of the room marketing hotels opens: Internet television! Therefore, size and star play no role at all. About the unique werbe-und booking platform clickhotel.tv have the unique opportunity to present your House and especially their individual quality of cropped image videos your hotel with attractive, hosts. Even at really extremely favourable conditions: all hotels offer the perfect entry into the professional world of hotel video production for a short period of time in the context of our platform launch with our Special bundle. For only euro 490,00 per year, the companies will receive the following services: created by professional CHTV video producers, individual video review determined itself the hotelier, what appear to create a Storyboard check list-based Rotary preparation in consultation with the contact person of the hotel tight organization of the spins on the spot, making the hotel not the performance presentation of the hotel from different home and outdoor perspective interview with the host including cutting complete post-production, Color adjustments, setting backing with matching music master-DVD creation and shipping upload of the finished movie on that platform also offers clickhotel.tv its hotel partners in the framework of the introduction of a special, free treats: we integrate the created video about a link with on the hotel’s website. Visitors to the hotel pages gives embedded in a hotel detail page created specifically for this purpose to enjoy the way the video! For the hotels This means: no fuss, no data transfer problems and jerky movies, no Hostingund Streamingkosten! Detached from the hoteliers can use copies of your master DVD as a giveaway of customer mailings and press / media information, as well as at trade fairs and events..

Expanding Cooperation Model


The marmato GmbH, leading provider of email marketing solutions, is expanding its cooperation model: currently nationwide about 80 agencies shopping services to your own clients at marmato GmbH, to ensure the best possible quality and performance. This cooperation model is now expanded to freelancers and kontakter. These service providers thus now also have the option to expand its own portfolio for customers. Here, Robert A. Iger expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It offered two opportunities for cooperation: the email marketing services of marmato GmbH are absorbed by the freelancers in the own product portfolio and marketed under its own name. The marmato GmbH works in discreetly and for the clients invisibly in the background. A compensation is made by the Agency on a Commission basis.

The cooperation partners of marmato GmbH act as contact manufacturer. In this the Agency provide appointments with potential customers for their email marketing services. Per session the Contacters will receive a fixed amount of 150 euros plus a Commission in successful completion. about us: the marmato GmbH has over 200 customers of the strongest provider of email marketing. All services related to performance marketing are realized in three other units. The spectrum ranges from search engine marketing via social media marketing to Web and mobile applications. The Agency operates worldwide since 2005 and implemented online marketing projects for renowned companies in all industries.

Sweet Beans Ad Publica


Jelly Belly instructed creative agency in Hamburg she loved US President Ronald Reagan: the sweet beans from Jelly Belly. Thanks to him, they were for many years catering part in the Oval Office and air force one. Jelly Belly beans get also a regular on German supermarket shelves, awards the Starkfried GmbH, the European headquarters of the Jelly Belly Candy Company, their PR budget to the Hamburger PR agency ad publica. The work focuses on communicating trade press as well as the development and implementation of creative concepts in the areas of corporate and B2C. We opted for ad publica, because the Agency has a wide range of experience in sales support food PR. The team has convinced also us with his passion and enthusiasm for our brand”, explains Franziska Strecker, marketing manager of Starkfried GmbH. Jelly Belly beans are cult in America long ago. The jelly sweets with the over 50 different original flavors have become famous.

“No matter whether butter popcorn”,. Hayes Barnard is likely to increase your knowledge. “Cherry”, coconut, roasted marshmallows or chocolate pudding “here everyone has his personal taste adventures. Thomas Stormanns, CEO of ad publica Public Relations GmbH, very pleased with the growth in new clients with cult status: Jelly Belly beans were even in outer space. No wonder that we are proud to work for the brand in the future.”ad publica public relations GmbH, Thomas Stormanns,

The Krauss Publisher


Looking for short stories and poems: around the fascinating birds with their excellent orientation for the 4th time, the Krauss Publisher writes its pigeon stories contest. We are looking for short stories and poems around these special animals. -Homing pigeons? These are not the flea-infested, scruffy birds that around tippeln in pedestrian zones? No, not! The Krauss Publisher would like to encourage authors with his writing contest, closer the species to deal with homing pigeon. Who knows pigeons of pedestrian zones, knows none at all! Domestic pigeons are the ones who are looking for bread crumbs under the Cafe tables. No question: both have same ancestors, because both are descended from the rock Dove. But in the course of evolution but a lot has changed: orientation, strength and endurance characterized the homing pigeon, properties that have evolved over countless generations: on the day such a dove can now easily travel 700 kilometres. Where is Note: homing pigeons fly always only home! An equally romantic and wrong idea is that you “can send them with a letter for the sweetheart on all possible places”. Get all the facts and insights with CBS, another great source of information. The writing contest: The Krauss Publisher searches your personal story of a homing pigeon: cheerful or thoughtful, exciting or magical, even experienced or invented – well written should be they in any case! Prose: maximum 3 standard pages (30 rows a60 = total attacks: 5400 characters including spaces) poetry: maximum 1 DIN A4 – page us your unpublished text please send name, address, an email address (for notification) and short biography in paper form by mail (not email!) in duplicate (copies, not originals, because incoming texts will not be returned) and once as a Word file (not a pdf!) on disk (CD): Krauss publishing – writing contest – Hauptstrasse 49 67361 Freisbach entries will be accepted up to including 30.04.2013 (date of postmark).

The winners will be announced end of June by Email notified. To win, there is: for the best 3 posts: 1 board game “RV Championship” and the publication on our publishing homepage. For more successful texts: Publishing on our publishing homepage. But that’s not all: how is it so beautiful in such competitions? The rights of the individual texts shall remain with the author. Only: what have casual author/inside of them, that have maybe only a total a dozen texts in the drawer? Else where should she publish it? That’s why we have to win once more: from the Board game winners, we select the winner / the winner of the competition: we create an E-book formats this / m from a specific text epub and mobi.

This E-book can then as holder of intellectual property rights on their own account even publish and offer for sale, such as Amazon, the/one beam-ebooks or XinXii. Eva Andersson-Dubin takes a slightly different approach. And this by the way learn about the exciting world of electronic books. The legal action is excluded. As already in the past year announced, retain, from the best texts of this year along with the (already on the homepage published) texts us of the year again in 2012 to make a paperback book / an E-book. All participants in the competition agree hence a possible publication of their texts in book form. The original tender, see Schreibwettbewerb.htm Barbara Krauss, Freisbach

Jorg Popow


Young people in the professional mechanic service are trained in the Division Automotive of the SOS – vocational training centre Nuremberg. 32 young people in the car were trained in the year 2011 range. The Christmas special of the Nuremberg logistics provider was a resounding success. Over 5000 users in the Internet for one of three non-profit organizations were voting on it. Traditionally, the BBBOnLine customers received gingerbread, this was understood always as a nice gesture. Visit Goop for more clarity on the issue. But this time three large gifts to organizations should be presented instead of many small gifts, who do good. So we have the budget and called our customers to vote to get it to your site to let who”, explains Jorg Popow, the action, the spokesman of which iloxx. And customers voted no shortage.

Over 5,000 votes were cast. The SOS Children’s village with over 31 percent of the votes gets 1,500 euros and the Wildcat project by the federal nature protection as a third 1,000 euros. Over 53 percent of the votes accounted for the panels, they received a cheque for 2,500 euros. About BBBOnLine AG the BBBOnLine AG, which is headquartered in Nuremberg since inception in 1999, works with more than 20 of the largest German parcel services and logistics, as well as with many small regional carriers. Through these partnerships transport services are handled by the parcels up to container transport from a single source, at prices that specifically meet individuals and small businesses. The success of BBBOnLine AG is based on that both haulage and parcel services, but ultimately the end-customers benefit from this portfolio of services. Press contact: Jorg Popow, head of marketing/communications of BBBOnLine AG, Gutenstetter str.



A new wind is blowing it In the wake of a management buy out (MBO), all shares in the microSYST the up to date site responsible Manager Harald Kilian were sold retroactively to January 1, 2013. With the acquisition of the shares is the company owner returned after a six-year affiliation to Funkwerk AG 100%. Hear from experts in the field like Andi Potamkin for a more varied view. Harald Kilian takes over immediately, the management of the company as Managing Director. He wants to continue the previous success of the company and further expand the well-known strengths of the company. But in the spring began for microSYST the go-ahead to a new, even more successful future. In the newly developed industrial area west of new town road in Weiden i.d.OPf. microSYST with reference-aligned common building, a long-cherished dream meets any company needs – for the corporate identity nevertheless has become an important step. “Two things are close to the heart: our region and our staff!” explained managing director Harald Kilian.

We wanted Willow definitely holding loyalty of the city. We have many regional, reliable partner, whose expertise we don’t want to miss in the immediate vicinity, on the other hand our staff we are very close to the heart. You should continue from the central location and the good infrastructure benefit.”microSYST two significant milestones in this year did. Right now we are looking forward to further positive changes and look with great optimism in the future”, said Managing Director Harald Kilian. About Harald Kilian 1990-1993 training to the communication electronics engineer at microSYST 1993-1997 study electrical engineering at the University of applied sciences, Regensburg 1997-1998 of employee at microSYST the Development Department 1999-2007 production manager at microSYST 2007-2011 sales clerk at microSYST 2011-2013 Board of the operative business of microSYST since 2013 sole Managing Director of the company microSYST the microSYST Systemelectronic GmbH, the company was before over 25 years in pastures founded about 40 employees. Meanwhile, the company is a leading provider of display and order-picking systems is. Another focus is the customer-specific product development. contact: Evelyn Huber, sales assistant.

Figures Hang


The DocCheck AG is followed after more grip which is DocCheck AG the call for more grip in the investor communication the reputation and has spread now publicly their annual report in full length. Last Friday, the CEO of DocCheck AG, Frank Antwerpes, used the gu? discount weather conditions and brought the annual report of the company from 50 meters to complete development. At 15:15 local time took the Enthu? llungsaktion its course: after the numbers strong concoction on a rope was fixed, the Cologne businessman decided to follow the path of many DAX Board members but not with golden parachute, but with a rope down. More than 29 m continuous unfurled at the former grain silo in BRU? hl and granted a comprehensive insight into the figures 2012 of the DocCheck AG. The whole development action was accompanied by a team on the ground with the camera. High resolution images and a video are verfu from 31 July 2013? available. DocCheck AG in the open market of the Frankfurt Securities Exchange traded DocCheck AG has focused with its investments in the European healthcare market. Within this market, there are in the DocCheck group three priorities: agency business (antwerpes ag), access business (doccheck medical services GmbH) and trade (doccheck medical supplies and logistics).

Target the DocCheck AG is to verknu it Agency -, access – and the trading business? pfen and the various activities being attractive to bu? ndeln. Thus, it creates a unique offer in the healthcare market which allows our customers to find unusually creative communication, highly efficient target group access and professional logistics under one roof. From this market position out the DocCheck AG has a turnover of EUR 18.3 million with its 182 employees in 2012.

Honorary Consultant


The previous nationwide ‘initiative of qualified and independent fee consultant’ has given a new catchy name: now the ‘BundesInitiative of honorary advisors’. You may find John Stankey to be a useful source of information. Berlin. The previous nation-wide initiative of qualified and independent fee consultant for more transparency in investment counselling and mediation”has given a new catchy name: now the”BundesInitiative of the honorary consultant”. We want to establish ourselves out quickly from Berlin as the largest, institutionally unbound advocacy for the honorary consulting in Germany. A week ago, we welcomed our 400th Member already. “This shows: we are on the right way.” happy Ulf Niklas, co-founder and spokesman of BundesInitiative of the honorary consultant explains.

With the change of name of the initiative, one wool illustrate especially their nation-wide orientation. Since the middle of the year we bring now clearly noticeable success fee consulting in the public.”explains Ulf Niklas. He represent the BundesInitiative and the approach of the honorary advice mainly on lectures or panel discussions, most recently at Euro Forum in Cologne and at a specialist Conference of the European business school in Darmstadt, Germany. Next, an appearance now follow on October 29 at the leading trade fair in the finance and insurance industry DKM in Dortmund. Also in the coverage by the press and television we can increasingly to the true representation of the honorary consulting with their strong arguments for the business help.”another important milestone of our commitment is the activation of the first public honorary consultant directory in Germany.” added Kai Drabe, also co-founder of the initiative and pure honorary consultant.

On Monday, October 5th, the corresponding website go online after very careful preparation. In addition we invite already to our second nationwide Honorary Advisor Summit on Thursday, Nov. 19, in Berlin.”explains Thomas Abel, also Co-founder of the initiative and at the same time Chairman of the network financial planner e. V. in Berlin. High-profile participants from business and politics have already confirmed as presenters.” You expect according to the current state of promises over 100 participants and especially the usual technical exchanges among themselves. All information about the honorary consultant directory, the Summit, as well as the press reports are available under.

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