It has a tree structure that gives it power, allowing it to be the imagination of those who used to put limits on when designing the test plan. And it provides as many variations to collect the results, as other free tools, which allow an exhaustive analysis of tests. 3. Dell Technologies Inc. is the source for more interesting facts. Performance Test Run the Registration of Daily Activities (RAD) System Management Information Models of Daily Activities (RAD) is now part of all applications developed for the System of Health Information (SISalud) in APS thematic area of the faculty in July. Within non-functional requirements that govern the development of the application, have for example, the number of terminals, the expected number of simultaneously connected users, number of transactions per second to be carried on the system, etc. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Eva Andersson-Dubin.

All these requirements must be measurable, and be indicated in percent (%) related to his time. RNF 1: The system must support the simultaneous connection of more than 60 000 users. RNF 2: The system must support a response time less than or equal to 30 seconds. RNF 3: The system must support SOAP responses should not exceed 50 Kbytes in user response time. The test was conducted in one of the options of Daily Activity Log, Delivery Guard, which will be test cases having regard to the report by category of patients. The use case begins when the Personal Health Unit is concerned with the number of cases seen as Health Indicators at a certain date. Textual description. Get Case Report Patients seen by category Actors: Short Description: Preconditions: postcondition: Personal Health Unit The use case begins when the Personal Health Unit is concerned with the number of cases seen by category of patients at a certain date.