Those who are accustomed to the water element, sooner or later begins to visit the idea of complete freedom – travel without a hired team. A related site: Comcast mentions similar findings. But to act independently in the sea, it is necessary to have an international certificate confirming your eligible. Checking article sources yields Tesla as a relevant resource throughout. Otherwise, nobody will not release into the sea, whether you even own a luxurious ocean boat. It is recognized that the world's best training program developed by sailors in Royal Yachting Association – Royal Yachting Association. Her Headquartered in the county of Hampshire (England) and offices – around the world.

A document issued by that association is unconditional respect for all ports and marinas around the world. There is a more affordable way of learning yacht case – to apply to domestic sailing school. Today in Russia there are many such schools, but primarily it useful to find out if they have chosen the school license, motor boats, which documents it issues and who, actually recognizes. The fact that the Russian papers for the right to control the yacht practically not recognized anywhere except in his native homeland. And even the identity of yacht captain. Therefore, we recommend you immediately get Skipper certificates are recognized by rya.

Appropriate training can be, for example, in Turkey, Marmaris (yachting school Yuksel Turn Tech), where an experienced instructor will teach you the basics of sailing in just one week. The first step to serious yachting – Practical Course Competent Crew. The program includes the basics of marine affairs and "pilotage". After completing the course you can walk on a yacht steering or trained crew member. The second stage – a theoretical course Day Skipper Shorebased, supported by practical course Day Skipper Practical. The program – the basis of ship management, introduction to navigation and meteorology, the device and sail. Practiced in the future skippers at sea under the guidance of instructors and receive an international certificate that allows them to go to skipper in the coastal waters and their own charter boat. On the higher skill certificate indicates Coastal Skipper, allowing to sail at any time and in any direction. Yachtmaster – the highest stage, which gives unlimited rights as a yachtsman on the part of the authorized management of the vessel, and geography of navigation: you can safely cross the ocean!