These follicles are raised above the skin surface and when stroking produces a characteristic squeak. The size and thickness of your skin, as well as follicle development depends on the maturity of the birds. In the manufacture of more sophisticated and elegant accessories using skin from the feet of birds, it has its own unique flaky texture. The skin contains a lot of ostrich natural oils, so it does not dry up, not crack, not to wood. SKIN slope. These worldly winged ghosts depths of the sea sharks have evolved from more than 200 million years ago. Egyptian masters appreciate the beauty and strength stingray leather creating a reservation and decorative elements, they were discovered in the tombs of the pharaohs.

In Japan, stingray skin is used as an ornament handles Katana – samurai swords. Then the skin had a higher slope popularity in Europe among the French aristocracy during the reign of Louis XV. Currently, she found a more practical application – of the stingray leather is made clothes, shoes, handbags and wallets, men's belts and wallets, which will undoubtedly attract the attention of others. Stingray skin – one of the most common materials from the family of fish. For the stingray leather is characterized by such unique features as a rough surface and a light pattern in the center of the skins in the form of "eyes".

This "gerbopodobnoe spot" – the remnants of the spine ramp. And the more there is of "spots", the more that product, because it means that it has gone more pieces of leather. The skin of the slope, in particularly striking in its structure, it resembles a beaded skilled worker skilled canvas. But, in spite of extraordinary beauty and elegance of products made from stingray leather, they are very strong and durable. It maintains not only the standard tensile test and tear, but also to punctures, cuts, and even an attempt to damage the open fire. There are currently three types of leather tanning slope: classic – in which fully retained the original appearance of the skin and cartilage bumps, full polished – total removal of cartilage from the skin surface, after which the surface is absolutely smooth and glossy; special – cut very thin, the top layer of cartilage on the one hand allows you to save the original structure of stingray leather, on the other – to achieve the so-called visual effect of "caviar." To date, one of the best Internet stores goods from exotic leather offers an extensive collection of accessories made from crocodile skin, python, starusa, stingray, cobra, inuany, eel. Unique and stylish handbags and clutches, handbags and wallets for men from skin wallets, men's and women's belts tolok of high quality leather.