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The human being never before was ahead of so great so important decision for the future of its proper race. We have two options, we can opt to emter a future, oupor another side we can leave everything as it is and only go seating in them and ficarassistindo for tev the next end to arrive. If to choose the first option, we will have work, much sacrifice sufficiently and will be able even though to fail. But we will have in the heart a feeling that never we will forget in this or in another life the feeling of that we were useful that we do not pass in they go for this existence. cal-book-report/’>Heart Specialist, then click here. That we will only have a long way that probably starts porns and finishes with our future generations therefore will have that to generate a world-wide awareness for this project. We will need the world-wide consensus for this fight: the fight for the preservation of our planet. Let us stop with the pollutants, we go to opt to actions more healthful as to leave the vehicle only for trips of rests or emergencies, to separate the lixos to be reused, to take banns more fast, disconnect environment light bulbs that will not be being used, to use stock markets of ecological materials to make purchases, to diminish the feeding in forty percent of what we eat, to reuse waters of lauderings of clothes to wash bathrooms and garages, to banish the spout, to wash the vehicle of ecological form, to implant systems of collection of solar energy for domestic use, to use walked or the bicycle to move if, to waste little waters, to eat little meat red, to deforest little and to plant more trees, etc.

Now is the moment to decide what you are for the planet angel or demon? Angel and demon, happy and poor fellow, rich and pauprrimo, the Man threat today the stability of its planet, puts its proper existence at risk. Per millenia, it has ignored the conditions of maintenance of the life in its world. Although it fights daily for the freedom, not yet it knew to construct a really free society. It builds a gigantic civilization but it runs the risk to destroy it in some minutes. Today Man acts as an irresponsible one and same with millions of years of existence and evolution, he acts as if he more than did not depend the nature created that it. We have the greater of the gifts our planet our mother Land we are children of the universe and of the Land and we do not respect nothing. This great blue sphere, that turns slowly supported for the arms of the universe, in them contemplates huge sinfoniaa nature. Musics of the waves of the giant and wonderful sea, in the forests, mountains, the fields, in a small lagoon, the flight of the birds, I sing in it of the whale, in the colors of a butterfly, the interdependence of millions of species of beings microscopes and giants. In the symphony ofthe nature a huge delicate complexity. I wait that the Men can give account who we have only one only mother Land and only one only possibility to move starts today and little by little goes moving to its redor and goes together to unidosmudar and to become angels of our planet.

The Brazilians


This great amount of the Brazilians, beyond studying and working also needs minimum conditions of leisure, independent of its physical conditions. Moreover, our country is known by the climate, beaches, music culture, what it attracts thousand of the whole world people, also people who need that the tourist cities, hotels, restaurants and places are accessible for its locomotion. In the next years, with the two great world-wide events that will happen in our country, of the Paraolimpadas and 2014 Olimpadas and the Pantry World of 2016, with certainty they will come more thousand of people with deficiency. Being thus, the cities that will receive the games must be ready for the arrival of people with different necessities, therefore beyond the participation in the games, 4 people will also come many as expectadores and tourist. To take care of them of form worthy joust and still we will have that to cover an arduous way to transform the cities into accessible places. She is very common the people to understand the term accessibility as a necessity for the deficient ones, in special, for the users of chairs of wheels, for require greater physical space for its locomotion with the chair, what she finishes many times being seen as a problem in conception of the project. This is a maken a mistake vision, therefore the free spaces of obstacles are for all and in the same way that a slope will be used for locomotion of the deficient physicist, also will be used by an elderly, a gestante, a mother with stand of baby, a child, a dwarf, a person with locomotion difficulty, etc. the accessibility can be understood as another name given to the universal drawing that is a term well older, whose objective is to project without barriers, a so important and so necessary question, but that the had importance was never given.

Russian Geographic Society


The main task of the Russian Geographic Society expedition on the research vessel 'Pavel Gordienko' Hydromet is to find radiation in air and water, Sea of Japan and the Kuril-Kamchatka region of the Pacific Ocean. The first stage of the expedition will last until May 20, the second – will begin in August or September 2011. The route runs from Vladivostok on the Sea of Japan between the Japanese islands of Hokkaido and Honshu by the Tsugaru Strait, and further along Kuril Islands to Kamchatka. 'The content of cesium-137 and cesium-134 in surface sea water, and at a depth of 50 meters is about 20 becquerels per cubic meter. At a depth of 100 meters level drops to 6 becquerels per cubic meter, at depths of 150 and 250 meters of man-made radionuclides were not found ", – said the chief flight minsk1.net Sevastyanov. In accordance with Russian norms of radiation safety for drinking water (sea water is not normalized) level cesium-137 content must be below 11 000 becquerels per cubic meter, cesium-134 – 7.2 thousand becquerels per cubic meter. Scientists also found in the air radionuclides iodine-131 and cesium-134 and 137 from the emissions from emergency plant. 'This is a small value, thousands of times less than the permissible activity in the air for the people ", – noted the official. First on the Kuroshio Meanwhile, Russian scientists were the first who measured the radiation levels at the northern boundary of the Kuroshio Current, which carries warm water from the tropics by Japan and then goes into the North Pacific for traveling to North America.