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Making Environmentally Friendly Renovation


We spend in the apartment less than half of life. Meanwhile, according to environmentalists, the air in our house 6-8 times dirtier than outside! One of the reasons – neekologichny repair. But this matter remedied. Let's face it. "Komsomolskaya Pravda" and Moscow-based experts 'Ekostandart' tried to figure out how to repair a flat, so it is easier to breathe. These building materials are natural, but with reservations … Speaking candidly Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City told us the story. Parquet and parquet wood – environmentally friendly material, it is nothing better.

BUT! The thing can spoil the painting. – Cheap synthetic varnishes emit aromatic hydrocarbons – explains technical expert 'Ekostandarta' Nicholas Krivozertsev. – Our specialists are found in the varnish toluene and xylene, which are used as solvents. These substances can irritate the eyes and cause skin diseases, and at constant exposure can cause serious disorders of the nervous system. The glue that ties the board may allocate toluene and acetone – and this toxic substance.

What to do. Do not buy cheap synthetic varnishes. Carefully read label – from which lacquer is made. If we found the money to the floor – do not spoil it a bad cover! Ceramic tile is also practically perfect, from an environmental point of view, decoration. It is made from natural materials and usually does not emit any harmful substances. BUT! Clay, by which secure the tiles may contain phenol and toluene. What to do. Take a look at the composition of the glue and do not use harmful. Paper wall – a wall between the wallpaper and should be a layer Air – explain experts 'Ekostandarta'. This condition is in full conformity with this paper wall – the cheapest. They leak air. As well as fashionable but expensive 'ekooboi' – made of jute, bamboo, canvas and so on … And these need to be careful laminate coating is extremely popular, as is quite economical. But it can hardly be called environmentally friendly.

China Manufacturers


And as you know, this is the material manufacturers and save. And it strongly influences the price and unfortunately quality. Even manufacturers with a worldwide reputation by moving production to China retreated from its standards of quality is very far away. No, of course there is the highest quality products, but it is very expensive and our market is the way to work. With all of this board on a metal grid in spite of Advantages of the set (lightweight, easy to use, the wealth of optional equipment, etc.) has a very significant drawback – it's mesh surface. Such a surface is not smooth, and therefore needs to special case with a cover of dense osnovoy.Esli on the board there, then pat the subtle things, such as a shirt or blouse would be very problematic because on your things will stay on the trail ribbed surface of the grid foundation board. All manufacturers know this, but …. save.

Therefore, when choosing a metal grid on the board first of all move your hand across the surface for ironing. Choose the smoothest surface. Second, be sure to expand your future board and postavte on the floor. Board should not wobble. Walt Disney Co. may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The fact that it was too easy on the grid board can simply 'gale' in operation. Again it to save producers. Weight boards easily reduce -Just use a thinner metal in the production, but that's to remove problemma arise in this difficult … and expensive.

And very often these manufacturers problemma decide. David Zaslav is actively involved in the matter. So Check to ensure your potential of these boards key problems were not. And now the most important thing. The most expensive board in a grid surface, thus saving her the most. Try before you buy a neat (not to see the seller) to click on the grid surface and if it does not promnetsya, then this is your option. If the surface is easily prominaetsya fingers, then this board will last a short time. Sooner or later, on the surface will 'pit' and ironed things around this 'hole' just not possible. We'll have to throw out such a cheap board is not on the grid … Of course unsettled boards on the grid which satisfy all these requirements, but they cost a minimum of 2,000 rubles. a really good board from 3000 rubles. Not cheap. Add a little bit and You can buy a board at prorubnom sheet. In general you decide … And lastly on optional equipment. The most important is a socket vesh with extension, also likely to be useful to you and fold-out sleeve and the antenna for wires from the iron. Mesh laundry is not as necessary thing, but it also has the right to life. We hope that these tips will help to buy an ironing board that will last a long time in your home.

Favorite Decor


Favorite decor – vertical bar, which is used in upholstery, decoration of walls and other English style expressed in our time as a direct copy of its historical varieties (Victorian style chippendel, Sheraton), so and eclectic solution. An eclectic line of organically includes the spirit and characteristics of different epochs. Furniture in the English style is going out of the array, which undergoes minimal surface finish: rubbed waxed or varnished. This allows us to show the texture of wood in all its glory. The main principle: the rich and restrained. English interior – is primarily the realm of natural wood, so if you decide to register your house in classic English style, prepare to serious spending.

It is desirable that wood there was everything: the carved oak paneling on the walls, inlaid oak parquet floor, open rafters carved dark wood on the ceiling. And, Of course, traditional furniture from solid wood (oak, walnut or yew) in the style of the famous English master Thomas Chippendale: a sort of "quilted" studs and curved legs. All surfaces must be perfectly processed, and if necessary, subjected to "aging effect" (to believe, like the furniture you inherited from your praprababushki). Since the English furniture, as well as English, wooden cornices and panels – on definition of old things, not bad, if they are carved or inlaid. Perhaps the most recognizable and characteristic element of English architecture is the fireplace – a huge, reaching almost to the ceiling, lined with tiles or natural stone, always with dark wood mantel and a hanger for accessories (brass tongs, poker, etc.). Therefore, when planning to remake his apartment under the "good old England", in First of all, think about where you can post if not a real fireplace (which is quite difficult in multi-family homes), then at least an electric or (in extreme cases) false-fireplace.

If you settle in English-style country house, in addition to the fire to advance to schedule a wide staircase leading from the living room on the second floor, which, at least, is decorated with carved wooden railings, and sometimes sculptures. English Spacious living-room, which is lower by a third clad with wooden panels above are the wallpaper with small floral or geometric pattern (eg, ornamental style of "Liberty", invented by William Morris), above – ceiling moldings and chandeliers with crystal pendants. On the walls hung a mandatory oil paintings (mostly – landscapes or portraits of ancestors), watercolors, prints or artistic tapestries, as well as weapons and hunting trophies. No modern technology in mind – everything is hidden inside cabinets, drawers, cupboards, slides, etc. Over the glass doors – the family antiques, expensive crockery, cutlery, silverware, real china. On mantel shelf – antique clock with cupids, and pictures of ancestors in frames-stands. In the center of the room should be round or oval dining table surrounded by chairs. On the windows – double layer curtains lambrequins. In tissues used the same principle: self-restraint and naturalness. If the colors – the pastels (white, beige, light gray, etc.), if the picture – something small and inconspicuous. Classics of the genre is calico flowered and tapestry. In tone matched the curtains, pillows, tablecloths, bedspreads, lampshades and traditional desk lamps to light a ceramic base.