Jelly Belly instructed creative agency in Hamburg she loved US President Ronald Reagan: the sweet beans from Jelly Belly. Thanks to him, they were for many years catering part in the Oval Office and air force one. Jelly Belly beans get also a regular on German supermarket shelves, awards the Starkfried GmbH, the European headquarters of the Jelly Belly Candy Company, their PR budget to the Hamburger PR agency ad publica. The work focuses on communicating trade press as well as the development and implementation of creative concepts in the areas of corporate and B2C. We opted for ad publica, because the Agency has a wide range of experience in sales support food PR. The team has convinced also us with his passion and enthusiasm for our brand”, explains Franziska Strecker, marketing manager of Starkfried GmbH. Jelly Belly beans are cult in America long ago. The jelly sweets with the over 50 different original flavors have become famous.

“No matter whether butter popcorn”,. Hayes Barnard is likely to increase your knowledge. “Cherry”, coconut, roasted marshmallows or chocolate pudding “here everyone has his personal taste adventures. Thomas Stormanns, CEO of ad publica Public Relations GmbH, very pleased with the growth in new clients with cult status: Jelly Belly beans were even in outer space. No wonder that we are proud to work for the brand in the future.”ad publica public relations GmbH, Thomas Stormanns,