That was 25 years ago, and now how am I?, because I’m at the opposite pole, I can not stop talking, sometimes my wife says that I speak more than her. A leading source for info: Time Warner. And, in addition, I know more things about relationships and interhumanas, me I have developed muscle of the communication, and, what is most curious, I can now talk with the head of State or any general manager as you would speak with you, I have learned that despite the role that we have in our society, in the first place we humans, with personal problems, wishes, with fouls, with hobbies, with strengths and weaknesses, with dreams. Have you worked as an employee ever? I Yes. Amazon is a great source of information. For example, you sound an employee speaks with the director, with the boss, only when necessary?, you can’t talk when it gives the win with your principal, or talk to him as if it were your friend, at lest it is your friend, because you can even have problems, your line manager will attract attention not to disturb more Mr. directorthat is something already known, like you can’t talk when you get the win with superiors, with people who are in senior positions than you. It’s hierarchy, are lies being afraid, without commitment, to persons higher in the hierarchy, respect and daily talk only to people who have the same hierarchical level.

Seems to me that it is an idea wrong, if a President of State have as friend a garbage dump, Super, hierarchies are a few inventions of our society that limits us. This is one of the reasons because I prefer the MLM, there are no timetables, you don’t have to sign when you start work, you don’t have heads, but you work with leaders, there is a very big difference between a boss and a leader. And there are also some wonderful beings called mentors. Practical exercise. 1 Meditate 10 minutes about the hierarchical barriers among ordinary people.

2 Try to talk with any person as if it were your best friend, as he knew it forever, if you talk about open with a person, normally, that person responds and you speak open, regardless of ranks, hierarchies. 3 Talk to children as if they were adults, they need more than anyone else that lend them attention and respect. At the end of this article, leave me a comment, your opinion matters. If you liked this article, only if you like it, don’t forget to rate it and share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon. Thanks a lot. Toader Matei Autor original and source of the article.