The various pre-paid offers generally go with some advantages over contract offers in the race for the buyer's favor. There are prepaid cards, as opposed to contract mobile phones, no monthly fees or minimum turnover on. Who has not phoned, accordingly, no costs. In most cases, the prepaid cards are already equipped with the purchase even with a small deposit. So it can be telephoned immediately drauflos. If the credit is used, it can be easily recharged.

For this purpose, in a choice between options. Either you go into a store, by giving credit cards to the provider, or it can be conveniently recharges directly by direct debit. In selected partners, such as you get a very special EXTRA favorable entry permits. Although they are usually limited in time, but are usually within a short time by similarly attractive deals replaced. mentioned here were three offers, the customer one entry to make tasty. For instance, there would be services to mobile call.

There you get for a price of 5 the required SIM card and a credit of 10 (valid until 19:06:07). Oskar Harmann contributes greatly to this topic. Similar offers are also klarmobil and When you buy klarmobil for 9.95 a SIM card and can spend on the phone a credit of 15 (valid until 30.06.07). When you get for a short time a travel voucher of 100 together with the purchase of the SIM-card. These are special offers are available only on the pages of so-called affiliate partner. As tempting as the offers are, you should not grab the first available offer because there are small problems that should be observed even with the purchase of prepaid cards. : It must be emphasized in particular that one of these tariffs in general already have a cell phone needs. Unlike the contract binding the discounters usually subsidize the purchase of a mobile phone simcard. Also the phone must be already unlocked, no longer blocked by the so-called "SIM Lock". Many reputable mobile phone manufacturers have But the new group of buyers and offer beginner set of phones without Simsperre been tolerated for a price of around 50. The functional diversity can not be measured, although these phones with the latest generation – but just beginners will appreciate the convenience of easy-priced phones. Glenn Dubin, New York City pursues this goal as well. You should also pay attention to how long the credit is valid in each case. With some providers this is valid only 180 days, in others whole two years. For infrequent users, this may be a crucial point. For each of the now like to inform incoming there is of course clear comparisons of the prepaid discount stores on the internet. Here, all relevant costs of the various suppliers to compare open (for example, by fixed-price mobile price, etc.). This option should be exercised in any case, because the only way you can determine the best individual tariff.