This applies to all age groups: 14 or 40 or over 60 years old more as 54 percent of all respondents of all ages have at home a dried flower bouquet, they connect to the unforgettable memories. Most frequent occasion for the bouquet of flowers, where one is pleased for years, for more than half of the respondents of the birthday, followed by the wedding as well as the mother’s day and Valentine’s day ranked three and four. No wonder, then, that flowers at the top rank on the scale of the most popular gifts for these occasions. One of them currently is imminent: on February 14th is Valentine’s day. Whether this year’s day of the lovers probably also happen again many magical moments of flower, which are still present after several years like yesterday? Determined! Finally lively bustle prevails around Valentine’s day in the flower shop anywhere in Germany.

These survey results, the florists in Germany now have the certainty that the skilled craftsmanship and the Piksen so many thorns worthwhile, because wonderful bouquets convey great feelings that remain unforgettable. Fleurop: Fleurop AG has its headquarters in Berlin. The 100-year old history is impressive. In 1908, the Berlin florist Max Hubner had a brilliant idea: the flowers should go on the trip, but orders at reliable florist local Fleurop idea was born. Today, about 50,000 all form in 150 countries around the world, the global network of Interflora.

The Fleurop-principle applies around the world: every Fleurop greeting is manufactured exclusively by professional florists in handmade and personally presented to the recipient. The Fleurop partners worldwide deliver over 25 million Fleurop greetings each year. The Fleurop AG also together with the German Florist Association is organizer of the German championship of the florists in Berlin in August 2012. Fleurop Internet: contact: Medienburo Fleurop c/o Zucker.