Choosing a laptop Sony VAIO notebooks whole range of Sony VAIO can be divided into three categories: Mobile-laptops to work: VAIO SZ, VAIO TZ, VAIO UX, VAIO G;-Notebook to replace a desktop PC: VAIO AR, VAIO FZ;-stylish laptop and Computers: VAIO CR, VAIO NR, VAIO LA. Mobile laptops for If you work frequently work with word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, etc., often working in the road, pay attention on this category. VAIO SZ – this is the biggest laptop in mobile. Size wide screen at 13.3 inches it that is almost equal to the size of a sheet of A4. In this case the laptop two graphics adapters (cards): discrete from the company NVIDIA (mode Speed) and integrated from Intel (mode Stamina). Let's say you work in office from 220 volts in this case we recommend to use graphics NVIDIA, because the laptop will run faster and with three-dimensional graphics applications.

And if you're on the road and important to you as long as possible to work from battery, switch the laptop in Stamina mode and use the laptop as long as possible. VAIO TZ – this notebook weighs just 1.19 kg, and the time of its battery life of up to 7.5 hours! If you spend a lot of time on the road and want to always be able to work, the VAIO TZ – your choice. A special function allows you to watch AV Mode DVD-movies, photos and music without booting the operating system, which is very handy during a flight in an airplane.