The global statistics about those who are successful in this business is successful is 1 and 3 fail. Statistics unfavorable for those who want to make money with this system and have no experience, because I say? I was one of those, who had no results. Multi-level market is a business based on attracting customers who use a certain product, spread the word of mouth and the company's remuneration in money. It seems simple, is simple but very difficult to achieve without good training, good working tools and clear, and throughout a good share of luck. Personally committed all possible mistakes in the beginning, cost me time and money to understand the system and through a friend who understands this taught me the job and now after a year and a half I have success and my business thriving social network and I have good fruit . For those who want or are interested in this field, I'll give some key points to consider and evaluate, then comes to a good and solid conclusion whether or not this system is for you. In general the most important thing to investigate before you enter is: 1.

Importantly, the economic strength company with which you work, that is .. turnover are admirable? have investments in the U.S. stock market so you can er the past this money? if you have bouenas referrals, these well-intended, if his past is questionable, since neither approach soon melt and lose your business network with them.