… You experience not always everyday collection of short stories from one moment to the other, as they are in other worlds. For more specific information, check out Eva Andersson-Dubin. You will discover that sometimes the real world is not always commonplace. These and other realities in their initial release of 03.09.2008, not everyday short stories, told on their mild-mannered way Ina Pulsatilla by people in their different ways. Various topics are taken up, E.g. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Hubie Brooks. abuse, letting go, self-esteem, tolerance…The author has put much of her own experience in the stories inside. It is accessible only for those few people, who possess imagination can dream, can see with the heart that love the stars and the sunset, which do not respect wealth, but human. This quote refers to a so-called transmission machine which serves as a very special ability to travel for very special people in one of the short stories.

One can take the quote but also as an indication, this book is written for the readers. Specifically, the author selects a simple language that focuses on the interpersonal level. As their spelling is sensitive, including humorous, also their loving figures appear. In the book you will find some self-created drawings which makes some stories more vivid. Book Info: These and other realities not always everyday short stories – INA Pulsatilla page count: 92 ISBN: 978-3-86850-118-6 Publisher: tredition. book Description: 80/books/ID603 book order: amazon; Price: 8.49 INA Pulsatilla