Trojan marketing was just included in the Olympus of marketing literature: ranked together with Philip Kotler in the top 6 of the industry in the Harvard Business Manager by Dec. 2008 Trojan marketing just in the Olympus of scientific marketing literature recorded: together with Philip Kotler and David Ogilvy Trojan marketing among the top 6 of the industry in December Harvard Business Manager ranks 2008 quote from Harvard Business Manager: The Karcher 2005 who cleaned US President heads on Mount Rushmore, brought much good press the manufacturer of high-pressure cleaners and a chapter in this book. Walt Disney helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Because as Trojan marketing works: on surreptitiously in the mind of the consumer. How companies with creative ideas to draw attention, is here amusingly described. “Harvard Business Manager is the leading German magazine for management issues. HBm provides the prestigious Harvard Business Review”the best articles, supplemented with selected contributions from European economists and management thinkers.

This makes the Harvard Business Manager for successful professionals and executives to the management consultant No. 1.” (Quoted from The basis for this success all along the line is the fact that angels succeeded the two authors Roman Anlanger and Wolfgang A., to invent not only a new discipline of marketing and to establish, but above all to understand theoretical based on easily comprehensible practical examples, to provide check lists, etc.. The idea comes from the most famous stratagem of all time. With the help of the ever since so-called Trojan horse the Greeks – after ten years old futile siege, succeeded to occupy the city of Troy. The book is not aimed primarily at the marketing professionals that are blessed with ample communication budgets of large corporations and multinational companies. Rather there are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs, the SMEs”) as well as all self-employed and the liberal professions, which can benefit from the tips and tricks of the book.