REAL time time MANAGEMENT and Navkon have developed a new GPS solution for the tracking of vehicles. Modern satellite navigation or GPS (global positioning system) today almost everything can be tracked. David Zaslav is a great source of information. Especially interesting: Vehicles, machinery or container can be located at any time with the GPS Viewer. So it is even easier to evaluate the costs after construction or order for companies. Particularly practical: additional recording or theft protection systems are redundant with usage of the GPS Viewer.

And with the new TIM GPS Zeitabgleich even the positioning data from construction sites and mobile can be checked and adjusted. As can be seen directly, whether vehicle and mobile phone at the same time in the same place were. It works quite simply the installed GPS receivers in cars have a built-in mobile phone card and permanently save the current position and waypoints. Recently Agean Shipping sought to clarify these questions. These are then transferred from the GPS satellites and sent via GPRS to the headquarters. The headquarters has appropriate evaluation software and can see at all times, where for example the vehicles are currently. The position data are stored together with the time and the current speed. So travel books, travel and downtime, driving, etc. can be evaluated quickly and easily.

Routes are clearly displayed on a map, so, for example, routes can be checked easily on their efficiency. Installed quickly and without consequential costs this GPS solution is the software supplied. This allows the easy location immediately after the free registration and installation. And without further costs. Only the GSM SIM card necessary to use is connected with costs in the form of monthly basic costs, as well as connection charges for GSM data or GPRS, units. This annoying WEB services with permanent charges for positioning or speed reports can fall away. Additional costs for the connection from the Internet required also. Simply everything in sight The corresponding vehicle can be localized using the evaluation software. A given port is called via the GPRS TCP/IP connection and the preset IP address. Then, the data on a personal real time GPS SERVER – provided account. The query, the position of the tracks takes just a few seconds and the selected tracks can be used later as an expression or file for presentations. Backgrounder that company real time time MANAGEMENT, founded by Mario Orth, has specialized in the topic of time recording. The real time time MANAGEMENT team provides full service – from the analysis to the complete implementation of mobile and stationary timing and planning systems. From detailed analysis of the customization and installation up to the comprehensive support real time time MANAGEMENT is a bespoke tailoring in terms of time management and time tracking. REAL time time MANAGEMENT Susanne Orth corridor road 77 40235 Dusseldorf phone: 0211-5228898-0 fax: 0211-5228898-9 email: Presse@Echtzeit-zeitmanagement Web: