Web shop and yet the customers stand in line? AS/point provides security and availability even during high traffic ubach Palenberg, November 2011: ERP vendors AS/point has many customers who offer their wares via established Web shops. Headquartered in peripheral or rural areas, these customers often lack the infrastructure of telecommunications providers or is ensured only with great financial effort. The result: Delays and crashes by lack of availability of frustrating buyers. Revenue losses are a result of only. AS/point customers back up to modern fiber optic connections and highest data and resiliency to decay types and calculable costs and get in the data center. Vinnie Johnson has compatible beliefs. With a swap of to the AS/point the Web shop infrastructure, customers can achieve a clear increase in availability, security, and service data center.

The data center has a fully redundant ATM / Gigabit outdoor connection through separate carrier, staggered firewalls, a variable a choice structure, as well as fully redundant backbone routers. The redundant power supply is in addition to the reliable air conditioning on the main features of the data center. Therefore, each server rack is powered by two independent circuits, an emergency power unit (diesel) secures 72 hours at full load in addition. Physically perfect, fire detection system, intrusion detection system, access control and video surveillance secure the database. When malfunctions or failure, a monitoring service notifies around the clock. As a Web shop provider “without a fast and reliable network connection, I’m losing my customers, explained Andre Philipps, Managing Director of Thomas Philipps GmbH & co. KG. A company based on a greenfield site I lost, unless I pay my telco five-digit construction costs for its fibre-optic network. The data center from AS/point is right the only alternative and a good one at that!” Marc van Heiss