Perhaps the stereotypes with which we have lived for so long we refer to people imprisoned between mountains of books, introverted, supposedly dedicated to deliver, day after day, bibliographic materials we ask them, without creating capacity. But those who cling to these conceptions risk being stranded in time, with a high mental underdevelopment. We live in a society where information has become a valuable well; However, its overabundance can us losing to various sources that coexist and that classified information is essential at all levels for decision making, from the simplest as what to buy in the week up to important military affairs. Not everyone can achieve an effective management of large volumes of information and for that studies the college career of librarianship and information science. It was difficult work; but fortunately there is already a better understanding towards the social role played by the graduates of this speciality. The Cuban librarians celebrate their national day on June 7. The holidays are a time to recognize achievements, progress and reward the personalities with an outstanding track record. At the same time, the day could also function as a wake up call about some of the problems that still affect the professional performance of librarians.

THE father of the bibliography CUBANA on 7 June 1802 born Antonio Bachiller y Morales, considered the father of the Cuban literature and in his honor is celebrated the day of the librarian. This man’s life was very interesting; Although its figure does not remember is with all the emphasis that it deserves. Bachelor and Morales was one of the intellectuals of greater recognition in Havana in the mid-19th century society. All highlighted on his erudition in various topics. Graduated from law at the Real y Pontificia Universidad de La Habana, held several administrative positions as of Secretary of the society economic of friends of the country and then assumed the Chair of philosophy of law at the University.