By many TV shows on television, which reported the hiking in different countries also pensioners for the cheap Paraguay and more and more families decide to emigrate to. A country of no earthquake, no volcanoes and no natural disasters and 300 days of sunshine per year, which in winter temperature up to 30 degrees and Minustemparaturen almost never be achieved. With 500.-euros per month, you can in the Department of Guaira, in which the German colony of \”Colonia Independencia\” and the university town of Villarrica, in which too many Germans, Austrians and Swiss have settled very well settle. It attracts many expatriates in the Colonia Indepedencia, since there already many Germans live, although in this area the real estate and property already very overpriced are and even to the part in addition to the double value offered and sold. Here it should be whatever the question: why are these homes sold? -Even if you get no reply for this determined yet always be a reason. In the Department of Guaira, there are even more beautiful areas, as for example the area around Yataity, which in turn not far from the German colony and Villarrica is away and more, still very cheap can be purchased that land with lots of fruit trees, Palm trees, and much that his home can build very cheap. Although also in Paraguay, the prices of construction of the broadening in contrast to many other preferred countries of emigration is affordable. For example, a turnkey home with approx.

100 sqm cost living space according to construction at between 18.000.-and not more than 25.000.-euros it unless you want special luxury. Also a swimming pool should not be missed, which can also be built for a reasonable price. A problem of many emigrants, however, is the thought of a very large plot of land with at least 1 hectare or more to purchase, even though you want to live really only good and cheap in Paraguay. .