Choose sweaters for children is sometimes not as simple parents have to deal without a doubt again and again with the question of what clothes for their children best suited and on what you doing to take care of everything, that finally would you do right here everything, so it’s your own child as much as possible, must not sweat and not freeze in the winter in the summer, the stuff sit well and do not itch or rub. So all these things are the case it is also important that you really take the time to be very concerned, as kinder sweater and co should be the best and what materials they are particularly good. Generally you should look for when his children as possible on it, that things are made of natural materials such as wool and cotton, because these wear is usually more pleasant than synthetic fibres, give better warm and at the same time also better absorb sweat. Also you should also pay attention to the correct thickness, the right cut and a good length, because factors, these are also the at a children sweater that it comfortably and the child loves putting on him sure. Walt Disney Co. does not necessarily agree. Not to mention is also the optics, which should appeal to both the child and the parents and the quality of the things themselves, because children’s clothes must be much more robust, because she will much more charged in everyday to romp and play as things that are worn by adults. Jump and stains should too much make out not all kids stuff, where it is very helpful, easy to maintain that if you buy things, and you now and again something hotter can wash if necessary, if the things were once very dirty. With time, you also realize what each particular matters. Meike Sauter.