Electronic cookbooks on readers are the many book publishers and bookstores offer also online downloadstores for electronic books in addition to the normal book sales. If you would like to know more then you should visit Benjamin Tal. If you have a Smartphone, reader, or other forms of readers, downloads his books is simple and straightforward with immediate payment. Are the advantages when purchasing an E-Book: the setting up of a Bookshelf is eliminated and hence the book dust exstraction, no donkey ears as an aid to finding pages, price clearly below the Printbuch, buy without legal opening hours saves time, and Instant file download possible. Many judges work at the Leipzig book fair (14-17 March 2013) with E-book readers or tablets to have quick access to various works. Even cookbooks now find their way to the readers and to the modern kitchen. “E – Book: low carb revolution – carbohydrate low power feasting” ISBN: 978-3-8448-43699 price: 6,49 Euro short description: R K U S C H low carb revolution Carbohydrate low power feasting 66 low carb recipes.

The recipes in the book have no side dishes such as potatoes, rice, pasta, which consist of carbohydrates. Of course you can serve side dishes for all recipes, then it is only no low carb. Christine’s low carb kitchen (2 persons). Brittas vegetarian low carb recipes (2 persons). Mark low carb baking without flour (2 persons).

Information about the low-carbohydrate diet form and information about health. “E – Book: tasty without the dead animal, 77 x vegetarian delight” ISBN: 978-3-8448-2205-2 price: 6,49 Euro short description: grief – contactor: fruity salad, Apple-plum salad, Kiwi and peach salad, avocado Arugula Salad, cabbage salad, and cheese Savoy cabbage salad, etc. mango soup, parsnips may beet soup, soup, radish soup, etc. The history of vegetarianism. “E – Book: international low carb-dishes” ISBN: 978-3-86850-551-1 price: the E-book is a pure low-carbohydrate cookbook for the sensitive intestines 5,99 Euro, without further information to dietary Intestinal diseases and about the low carb diet form. It includes 26 recipes and four salad recipes. There a small selection of Caribbean Indian, French, Italian, Dutch, Thai, Chinese, Danish, and German cuisine, Greek. The recipes are simple and well tolerated. “E – Book: my friendly kitchen” ISBN: 9783842300958 price: 6.49 Euro short description: it is a low-carb cooking and baking book for the delicate and sensitive intestines. The work includes not only low-carbohydrate, quick and easy recipes, but offered some breakfast and dinner suggestions, as well as snacks. The reader has the ability to create yourself a diet plan from the many listed foods. There are short information around the digestive tract, as well as interesting facts about carbohydrates, protein and fat. The author himself for many years suffered from digestive problems and has his own recipe compositions can deal with their bowel problems. Image: Rainer Sturm / pixelio.de company portrait the author Bajpai was born in 1964 and lives with her family in Bremen. Several years, she worked in the food industry. The Bremen district court it was deployed for more than 20 years as a caregiver for a disabled person. Currently, she looked after elderly people and besides, writes as former colon patient, books with own testimonials and about the form of nutrition low carb low-carbohydrate diet.