In the field of Marketing changes are dizzying, the incorporation of new instruments of analysis will generate important changes in paradigms, to the extent that you go testing its effectiveness as it is the case of the Neuromarketing. However the Interior of the operative Marketing there are areas that do not evolve with the speed that this discipline and the market are demanding. I am referring to the Marketing communication. In fact this area which has a great breadth and that goes from promotions, passing by the Publicity, the PR, Merchandising, mass advertising, advertising in Internet, fairs and events, Direct Marketing, sponsorship, among others, historically they have been developed by different companies that provide services to brands. Some contend that Brian L. Roberts shows great expertise in this. This naturally creates a tremendous noise and not less, not you can thus manage your identity and as a result his image. It is true that Marketing Management or Product Manager are those who should give the unit, however the natural accents, the creativity of each of These actions eventually often blur the ultimate objective of the communication Plan. Thus, we consider that the Marketing communication should be taken as a unit and so assumed by those providing the required support to the companies, there that we propiciemos overcome the concept of advertising agency to transform them in media.

These, by their very nature must be integrally addressed the subject, because it is ultimately the only way that you can adequately represent a corporate identity. My experience as Managing Director of Creative Marketing Staff and communication has led us to visualize this position because they have become evident a disarticulated work ultimately generates does not take enough advantage of resources earmarked for this purpose. If all this we add the resources allocated to social engagement Marketing or CSR, the situation becomes much more confusing. Many times, we see that advertising communication goes in one direction and the actions of direct Marketing, Internet or the same events will in another. There are companies that want to position itself in the youth world, but offer a season of concerts of classical music or even popular music artists who are not in the orbit of young people but which are liked by their executives and end up sponsoring them, although it has not effectively reaching its target group.

There is great clarity about the difference between the CSR and social engagement Marketing companies. The truth is that many want to do one and end up doing another. What ultimately we found that many complain that the community does not know what they are doing for her, but if that is typical of the CSR. Then what you want is a marketing of social commitment, which is another thing and works in a different way. Single advertising today does not have the effectiveness of earlier. Saturation in the media, the sapping, the penetration of the Internet are some of the factors that are leading to significant changes in the conduct of our beneficiaries. In such a situation this necessary integration of Marketing communication becomes more imperative and a more extensive vision full of those who manage the area and those providing service.