I would say that you get your own conclusions after evaluating the following information. Why companies such as Sprint, AT & T, Coca-Cola, Citibank, 4life, IBM, Skytel, Colgate, Gillette, General Motors and many others, decided develop with Marketing MLM or Network Marketing? AT & T announced its plan of compensation of NWM and generated more than 100,000 initial sales without investing millions of dollars in advertising. Without investing millions of dollars in marketing. Without investing millions of dollars in employee. Without investing millions of dollars in distribution. Without investing millions of dollars in staff training.

Today AT & T is multinational provider of telecommunications services better known. Not bad comes over one million in sales to start isn’t it? You know all costs huge that should make a traditional company before earning a single penny.Only in the distribution you spend more than 60% of the profits. The advantage of practicing the MLM becomes obvious and as a result, we have all these multinational companies with the highest rates of successful history supporting him.And there are still people who don’t understand the profitability of MLM business. It seems not incredible? In the position of persons entering to work as networkers in an MLM company, the advantages are almost the same. And is that what makes a person who wants to have your business, but does not have or 15 thousand dollars to invest? Finally, after the 15 thousand dollars as investment is very unhelpful.Even assuming that it achieved 100 thousand dollars for invetir, the risks of losing everything, are towering. According to statistics 90% of businesses do not survive their first year. What solutions and advantages have the MLM address this? Minimum capital, below 1000 dollars and even under $200 investment. No handle inventories, or payroll, employees and all those complications of traditional business. The market from which you can profit is not only local, but Global. In a question-answer forum Celina Dubin, New York City was the first to reply.