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Philips SensoTouch


Philips new flagship wants to fight in the Shaver to the Crown is trying to seduce his customers Philips test. This happens mostly on the way of marketing, advertising campaigns and innovative design. Jeffrey L. Bewkes is full of insight into the issues. That can divert all these advantages also for the significant, moreover, no one seems to worry about. Because who knows Philips, knows about the quality of its products. The time in which you had to mingle with ugly design, because the technique so to convince knows is gone.

Philips sets the tone here clearly and know his comrades (Braun, Panasonic) in chess to keep – at least with regard to the presentation. Whether under the hood of the new Philips SensoTouch 3D more apparent than real hides, it should find the Shaver to test. The SensoTouch 3D in the razor you deals test with electric razors, so the design of the Philips electric shaver falls clearly out of the norm. While the competition builds on shaving heads, going with a foil and vibrating blades to act, it has Philips SensoTouch (and all the others Models from the home of Philips) about 3 shaving heads. These are flexible and coordinated.

So is every one of the three shaving heads able to lower and tilt. Philips selects this form, so that the razor better can adapt to the konturenreiche face. New to the SensoTouch 3D is that the unity of the three rotating heads is also flexible. So, the entire Shaver head of Philips Shaver is set up so that he can – move in all directions just 3D. Should he keep actually this Philips SensoTouch, what he promises its construction? The adaptation gift is still one of the main criteria in Elektrorasierern and can work wonders by cohesion with an efficient shaving head. The practice test to the SensoTouch 3D shows whether he can conjure up. Keep this fine piece now in hands to pray, almost then, that he has the same courage to favor in action, such as still lifes. Already, the first trains with the SensoTouch 3D proved that the adaptability of the 3D head is actually phenomenal. Almost each every contour in the face is no more a hurdle for the Philips razor. What caused its predecessor still problems, solves the Philips SensoTouch the right step – the introduction of the 3D Shaver. It is not so a blind advertisement promises, but a clever development! Now that is all crucial question, as does the SensoTouch 3D in shaving. Does Philips unique 3D head have enough potential to emerge as a winner? A very clear yes! Shaving with the Philips Shaver is a true delight. Sometimes you wish that he was not as effective, keep the pleasure of shaving. Philips again proves that it was right to put on the own technology and not to go down in weight. The 3-way head is the hautfreundlichste in the entire test field and after this review, he can count to the most effective and well priced, it is superior to the competition.



New active ingredients soothe and nourish sensitive skin skin resonance ensures that fat and moisture content of the skin back in balance: with regenerating AQUADERM (imitates a natural moisture retaining factor NMF -) and sunflower lipids in combination with besanftigendem white tea extract as well as Zanthalene, a Chinese yellow wood seed extract. Zanthalene promises an unprecedented, pleasant feeling for stressed skin. Good to know: all products are paraben – and silicone-free and are produced with energy from renewable resources. CREAM OIL CLEANSER 150 ml, 27.50 gentle, protective cleaning cream oil. The cream phase into a protective oil emulsion that removes dirt and makeup residue at the massaging. The skin is clean, smooth and silky. Thanks to the high oil content this product especially for sensitive and dry skin types.

Aquaderm with Sunflower lipids. TONIC SPRAY 200 ml, 29 immediately soothing and soothing tonic against Redness and irritation. The fine mist of white tea and Zanthalene is distributed evenly on the delicate skin and gives fast relief. REMEDY OIL 25 ml, 49 the strong soothing oil serum based on amaranth, sunflowers, Zanthalene and Echiumol. The S.O.S. product if redness by capillary weakness and sensitive, irritated skin. Scrub a gentle scrub 50 ml, 34.50 Gluconolakton – a precursor of lactic acid – and white tea, cause without mechanically irritating the skin. Ideal for skin prone to redness.

FLUID 30 ml, 58,75 the light fresh texture provides daily effective protection against redness and irritation. Aquaderm, sunflower lipids with olive emulsifier. The texture of the fluid is suitable especially for warm, moist air and skin images with sufficient sebum production. CREAM 50 ml, 67 the rich, velvety texture provides relief for dry skin more exciting. Protects and hydrates extremely dry skin, especially in the Winter. Aquaderm, sunflower lipids and olive emulsifier maintain and protect sensitive skin day after day. skin resonance treatment in the Spa: treatment of 45 minutes, recommended price of treatment: 50-60 Euro according to the comfort zone welcome tranquillity ritual will clean the skin. Then applied the skin resonance peeling so that the skin of dead skin cells is freed and can effectively absorb the following active ingredients. It follows a massage with the recover touch massage cream, then applying the skin resonance mask, which will remain on the skin for 10-15 minutes and so promptly redness reduced. The treatment ends with the application the skin resonance cream and poured a comfort zone herbal teas for the spa guest. Proof of manufacturer Michaela Dee, 6.3.2012

Antique Furniture


The different styles of antiques antique furniture are not all equal to antique furniture currently almost experiencing a Renaissance. In combination with modern and minimalist furniture especially young people set up like chic and high-quality antiques. If you are not convinced, visit Alloy. The antique furniture pieces break up the otherwise very practical but stylish furnished apartment. I like that. But antiques are not all the same. There are many differences in style. And not everything can be combined with all. oughout. Furniture from the following periods are referred to as antique furniture in most cases: Baroque (1660 1770), Louis XVI (1760-1790), Biedermeier (1825-1848), time of founder of (1871-1914), Art Nouveau (1895-1910) and Art Deco (1910-1935).

The different styles of antique furniture differ E.g. in the style of woodworking, but also in the selection of the wood. Chairs with upholstered the choice of materials varies greatly. Continue to learn more with: Glenn Dubin. So is the Art Deco style Transition to modern furniture design. In this, materials, such as varnish or leather, were already used in furniture production. Biedermeier furniture represent the exact opposite to furniture from the Grunderzeit.

Furniture from the Biedermeier period is barely decorated, but made of high quality wood. The furniture is usually very solid. In the early years, you liked plenty embellishment on the furniture. Typical elements are decorative knobs, pillars or reliefs. Immediately on decorating, which are reminiscent of the nature seen antique furniture that originated in the art nouveau style. Often you can see patterns that look like plants or animals on Art Nouveau furniture. One have all styles together antique furniture, have been preserved to this day, was manufactured in very high quality. Here, the material played a very important role. You didn’t know furniture off the rack at that time yet. It went to sustainability and quality in the manufacture of furniture. This is even today these antiques.

Catering Media


Thomas Hendele separates from consale and opened some communication Cologne, January 11, 2011 social media agency 2010 was the year of social media. Twitter and Facebook were the winners with a double-digit gain per month. Who wants to be in the trend theme there, should now work on its social media strategy. Support Thomas Hendele are some communication with his agency. Hendele has taught who practice oriented social media consale GmbH hotel, catering and tourism businesses closer.

Now, he concentrates its offer under some communication (), to advise small and medium-sized customers to the profitable use of social media. Social media was one of the trends in 2010 and will employ this year even more intensively the company. Just for the customer-focused hotel industry and tourism industry is the presence on Facebook, Twitter & co. becoming increasingly important. On the social media networks the company can with their guests in the conversation quickly and for free come and control what guests about her To write. Especially for the referral marketing, social media is an indispensable tool. Clear objectives for the successful use of social media marketing as but correctly on Facebook and Twitter to present yourself? How to use social media effectively and resulting sales generate? Thomas Hendele in its new social media consulting agency are some communication responses. Social media is a two-way street that is the first and most important advice Thomas Hendele are its customers.

“It is not only about knowing what is written about me and my hotel, but also to respond”, the social media expert warns. Emotions live just the hotel industry and tourism. First and foremost my stomach decides for which hotel I decide while I rely mostly on recommendations of others.” Hendele knows what he’s talking about he’s yourself from the hospitality industry. His consulting approach is therefore also pragmatic: he conveys proposals that are easily implemented also for hotel managers, because this lack of time with only little the Internet work.

Google Analysis


Recently, more and more frequently forced to read about innovation at Google. This also applies to an immediate withdrawal 'in light of "new operating system, Google os, and changes in the search engine company, and the active promotion of the browser Google Chrome. These News can not please, especially news regarding search engine optimization, ranking and indexing websites. As for Google os, that are currently under active development, and as early as next fall, this operating system can appear on personal computers. While the company is focused on the netbook market, where it would compete with the recently released operating system from Microsoft, Windows 7.

It should be noted that in the new browser on the Google os – default, of course, will Google Chrome. But I was more interested in news search engine Google. Firstly, now Google Webmaster Tools Webmaster can always find out whether located on its website any malicious code. And, you can not just in time to learn about the appearance of the code, but also get tips and advice on its removal. Amenable to analysis: Flash-, HTML-and JavScript-codes. In addition, Google can now index sites even rss / Atom.

This method of indexing Web sites and Pages can be much speed and efficiency than conventional search indexing site. As for Google Google, then and there has not been without surprises. The fact that now the search engine itself is capable of generate and replace the header (Title) site. It was done for reasons of greatest benefit to the user. Man, typing a query, now receives the most suitable search results, where they selected the most appropriate request title of the site. Such a change will undergo a site whose title (Title): Either non-existent. The system will generate its own, based on the query and the contents of the site. Or too long. Here, Google will correct the Title, making it more attractive to visitors. However, the rankings in serp will occur on an existing title. And finally, as reported by the software engineer Google, Matt Kitts, soon in the Google search engine may there is another factor in ranking sites – the speed of loading pages and sites. The fact that Google developers are anxious to do a web search faster. Wait a long time is not necessary, because the introduction of this factor in the ranking algorithm of sites is planned in 2010. According to Matt Kitts, the ranking of the site will be higher if the download speed will be faster, however, such factors will not affect the position of resource in the serp, but affect the ad position AdWords. Currently, the most influential factors in Google ranking are: the anchor text of inbound links number of backlinks to the site number of different domains from which visitors came The presence of a keyword in the Title 'level of confidence "to the site search engine What I would like to see: such a grand event in Google, which can not be overlooked nor webmaster nor the optimizer, nor a conventional user's pc and the Internet. Trying to win back market share of operating systems and browsers, Google has leaped forward, making the site optimization is more reasonable, the search for – a more educated, and the use of a browser – faster, simple and convenient.

Conversion Rate


Why high attendance figures are a little odd, no guarantee for success it is. Many operators of Internet-shops into joyous Rapture, when they see that many visitors to your site have managed it. High visitor numbers are equated with success. This is strange, because many visitors mean not necessarily many customers. The operator of a department store looks certainly no special cause for rejoicing if he evening although finds that many people are striped through its corridors, they have purchased but hardly anything. Many friends, few customers it’s not by coincidence, that there is a market, offered on your Facebook friends for sale.

It has fortunately nothing to do with slavery, the friends are only virtual. But companies that operate Web sites, often assume that it is good for the image, if many friends or like me clicks on the page can be found. This also isn’t so wrong. But virtual friends buy anything now. The focus must be on the design of the website lie. She need to convince already after a few seconds, the so-called 5-second impression is of crucial importance. He is convinced to stay, the visitors do not spontaneously of is again with just a single click away.

And inevitably arrive at the competition. By the way: so high bounce rates also Google don’t like to see. The search engine giant evaluates frequent and rapid jumps as inferior quality. Not entirely wrong. The gauge conversion rate many clicks on the site are beautiful, no question. But the question of how many of those clicks actually have reactions to the result is at least as interesting. This can be measured, for example, through sweepstakes or contests, but also to contact requests, downloads, inquiries, and last but not least purchases. You could follow well the logic that many visitors to the site already sooner or later lead to more sales, all a matter of time. And it is of course true that the odds of success if more visitors click on the page. Nevertheless should the approach be different. The question must be how it can get that many visitors again jump off without to be become active. A good conversion rate by customer care if a purchase 5 of 10 visitors, is the obviously better, than 20 visitors buy something only 4. Who so adjusts his side, that the 10 visitors feel, will benefit also from 20, 30 or 50,000 visitors. It’s an appealing design that should be up to date. To a menu which really helps to confuse instead of the customer. The page-load times may not be too long and the contact or the shopping itself must be simple. Too much information are unfavourable, too little as well. It is actually a bit like at the local department store. Whoever enters it, must realize immediately that there is a large and well-stocked supply. Lots of Grabbeltische”, cluttered aisles and probably only sparse light not inviting. This applies to the cash register, as well as for the conversion rate. Jorg Wallace

Wise Justice


This article resold what are the secrets that relate to justice, both when the client must go through a legal situation and in any other context in which they feel they are tried. Shows what are the secrets that relate to justice, and its implications. The notion of justice is present in many mysteries of the tarot deck. Tarot cards have the dynamism and plasticity of providing an appropriate response to each query is performed, and thus, the idea of justice, with all its variations, can be expressed in different ways. The consultant may want to ask about a situation in which it is believed wronged or aggrieved, as can happen in your career or your family relationships, or may want to refer to legal issues, issues related to the law, which must traverse. In any event, the tarot has the right answer.

The mystery of the Justice Tarot card is the excellence that addresses these issues. It is very important, first orientation: roll upwards, indicating that the client is in good hands and that everything will be resolved in his favor. But if it goes upside down, indicating that the "trial" to which we face we will not go so well aspected. But not only is necessary to see what position leaves the Justice, but why is accompanied letters. The mysteries neighbors in the circulation of the tarot will have a direct implication in the total reading of the roll.

Thus, it is the same Justice accompanied by the Tower reversed inverted (quick and unrestrained destruction, disaster, accident waiting to happen), that Justice together with the ace of clubs. In this case, could mean that we will not favored to be judged, but that fact could mean the beginning of a fruitful period, new ideas and business opportunities. Amazon is often quoted as being for or against this. The High Priest speaks of wisdom, a spiritual person who is in touch with God or a higher power. He is someone who will speak from experience, representing the inner voice that tells the client what right. If we are faced with a situation where we will be judged, or made an assessment of our actions or our fitness, we can stay calm. The High Priest tells us that this higher power to be judge will be in our favor, and act with wisdom. The Star is another mystery that out upright, tells us that we have good fortune, which we adopted in our tests or situations in which we are judged. It may mean that you may know what to say at the right time, or how to go out safely. Tarot is very wise, and has an appropriate response to each circumstance. Ideally, the consultant will be equally wise and knows how to listen the message that the mysteries of the tarot have for him. James Thompson

Stellen Sie Ihre Eigenen Beauty-Produkte?


Durch die Vielzahl von Beauty-Produkten in den Regalen, manche Menschen ihre eigenen Beauty-Produkte Warum? Ich damit angefangen meine eigene vor Jahren Haut Pflegeprodukte. Ich habe ein Buch über natürliche Hautpflege. Sie können Masken von Fruchtmark eigentlich machen. Sie sind ja wirklich schwierig, aber damals war ich wirklich gebrochen. Sie können nicht auf Hautpflege, verbringen, also machte ich das tun, was sie bekommen konnten. Ich habe Wassermelone pürieren und in mein Gesicht.

Mein Gesicht fühlte sich sehr sauber, aber danach gab es ein bisschen wie ein Ausschlag. Ich habe auch gelesen, dass Papaya in Heilbädern verwendet wird, um Exfoliating Masken zurückzugeben. In der Tat, häufig werden die Papaya und Ananas-Enzyme Peeling die Haut. Diese können jedoch sehr schwer sein, also ich nie es auf meinem Gesicht versucht habe. Eins führte zum anderen. Ich ging um zu meinem eigenen Cremes zu machen.

Ich ging durch einen Zeitraum in dem jeder Körper Lotion, versuchte ich zu Geschäften, von billig bis $20, dass meine juckende Haut. Das führte mich zu meinem Körpercreme. Die Rezepte der Creme, die ich gefunden wurden vor allem für die kalte Creme. Diese Dinge waren wirklich schwer in Öl. Ich wollte etwas leichter. Wässrige Lotion. Im Grunde ist ein Tröpfchen von Wasser in Öl suspendiert, bleiben in diesem Zustand durch ein Emulgator. Für meine Cremes haben Bienenwachs, als Emulgator verwendet. Ich experimentierte in der Küche. Nach vielen fehlgeschlagenen Experimente. Schließlich kam ich mit der Lotion in eine Textur, die sie liebte. Eine Lotion besteht aus Tröpfchen Öl in Wasser suspendiert, bleiben sie United durch ein Emulgator. Ich meine Lotion-Lecithin. iese sind einige von ihnen, was ich auch tat. Durch Variation den wasserbasierten Teil, können Sie mit Wasser Rosen oder Tee statt Wasser, allerlei Lotionen machen. Darüber hinaus kannst du mit dem Teil der Formel mit verschiedenen Ölen der Infusion oder ein paar Tropfen von verschiedenen ätherischen Ölen Öl, die Lotion oder Creme ändern. Sie können machen Ihre Beauty-Produkte, die auf Ihre persönlichen Vorlieben und Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten sind. Ich hatte Spaß dabei. Meine Haut glänzte Diese hausgemachten Cremes sie frisch waren. Ich habe sogar einen Stapel, die speziell auf ein Cousin, mit Zutaten, die sie liebt. Aber seitdem habe ich aufgehört was sie macht. Warum? Faulheit ist der Hauptgrund. Mangel an Zeit ist ein weiterer Grund. Viel Sorgfalt sollte bei Lotionen, die nicht tragen. Für mich obwohl ich Lotionen gekühlt noch, bricht wenn ich es auf meinem Gesicht, 2 Tage nach der Lotion, meine Haut. 3 Tage später, wenn ich es auf meinen Körper, dann sticht es mich Haut. Konservierungsmittel sind kommerzielle Produkte für die Pflege der Haut zu vermeiden, dass sie verderben. Ohne Konservierungsstoffe, Bakterien, Schimmel und alles, was diese bösen Dinge schnell multiplizieren verderben des gesamten Batches verursacht unangenehme Reaktionen auf der Haut. Diese Schönheit-Home-Produkte, die keine Konservierungsstoffe haben. Das bedeutete, dass ich musste neue Chargen der Hautpflege fast jeden Tag machen. Darüber hinaus sollte darauf geachtet werden, um sicherzustellen, dass alle Geräte steril, so dass das Endprodukt sicher verwendet werden kann. Vernachlässigung könnten viele böse Keime in die Beauty-Produkte einführen, die Sie vornehmen. Die Komponente von Wasser und Öl muss bei der gleichen Temperatur erhitzt werden und Tropfen einer der anderen beim gründlich mischen hinzugefügt werden oder viel verbreiten konnte. Es ist viel bequemer, Beauty-Produkte von Marken, die nach meinem Zustand der Haut, zu kaufen, die von Grund auf neu machen. Das ist, was ich in letzter Zeit getan habe. Neben der renommierten Haut sind Pflege-Linien der Weg besser als ich. Ich meine, mit ihren Etats der I + D leisten können viel Forschung in die Entstehung der effektivsten Beauty-Produkte für praktisch jeden Bedarf der Schönheit. Am Ende des Tages Wenn Sie Ihre Schönheit oder auf dem Regal-Produkte zu kaufen, ist es eine Frage des persönlichen Geschmacks. Der Schriftsteller ist der Verfasser der Artikel von der Herz einer Frau.

Czech Legal Entities


Firms in the Czech Republic until November 2009 are required to connect the service Datov. Dear leaders and founders of Czech legal entities registered in Prague and other Czech cities. Czech public authorities announce A new requirement for all, without exception, companies registered in the Czech Republic. Until November 2009 e-mail to each Director will call a certified letter with a new activation code e-mail box (Datov ) for communication with all government bodies of the Czech Republic. Read additional details here: Donn Clendenon. The electronic communication is intended to alert management of companies in innovation, changes in laws, regulations and requirements as to management and founders, and to doing business in the Czech Republic. When you receive a package manager is required within the time specified by law to enable access to your work e-mailbox, and thus activate the function.

After that, management of firms will receive information addressed to all Czech companies, as well as information sent only to the firm. Through the system Datov shranok Czech state agencies plan to restore order among entrepreneurs in terms of knowledge and study business law in the Czech Republic, Czech Republic, customs law, administrative law, the Czech Republic, the rights and requirements of all state agencies cooperating with law faces the Czech Republic. Along with the official version of the entry into force of the new electronic communication system with the directors of companies emerged and an unofficial version. Public authorities Czech Republic in connection with things in order of registration and work entities Czech Republic, thus, will attempt to check each firm's survivability.

Citystepsde Restaurant


The restaurant and Hotel Guide Germany the large online directory of German gastronomy and hotel industry. Details can be found by clicking Morgan Stanley or emailing the administrator. You are looking for a restaurant in your area? Often looking for restaurants and hotels, almost all are represented on the Internet. On citysteps, the restaurant and Hotel Guide Germany almost all restaurants can be found in its vicinity. The large online directory of German gastronomy and hotel industry. Should a restaurant in your area search or for your vacation, try a hotel on city steps, the restaurant and Hotel Guide Germany. On you will find everything related to eating, drinking, parties and sleeping in Germany.

All culinary HOT SPOTS combined on a homepage, found in seconds. No matter whether you by name, or places search, Bistro or hotel in one place, here you will find everything what the heart desires. You are looking for a star restaurant or a conference hotel, the restaurant and hotel guide will find it for you. Eating, drinking, parties and sleeping in Germany. The large online directory of the German hotel industry. On Germany find restaurant and hotel guide about food, drink, dance and party. All companies and companies related to the hotel industry and gastronomy are registered in this directory. On you will find gastronomy and hotel business around your location.

Not long sought, but quickly found! Find fast search terms such as resin, Baltic Sea, North Sea, your hotel or restaurant. Or food going just good, or it really celebrate and find a disco in your area, then you are right here on, the restaurant and hotel guide. Innkeeper or hotel owner and would find the way to your future guests, or you have no own homepage? Then use yet but the advantages of one of the largest online – directories of German gastronomy and hotel industry? Register themselves on this homepage at for traders this platform offers 3 options, sign up. A top link recommendation with its own homepage costs only 3.00 euros per month. You will receive a Premiumeintrag for just 1.49 euros per month. You have also the possibility to list themselves in the stand type entry, this is free of charge.