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Don Pedro Gonzalez


onday was a special in the company of Don Pedro Gonzalez, the day the meter signature would make the presentation of the summary of what happened during the years before the owner of the company and its group’s closest collaborators. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Larry Walker. It was a year in which the activity of Gonzalez and Sons “had shown a level of significant recovery from previous. The volume of sales had not only maintained but actually increased by 30%, which prompted the need to hire new workers and employees to carry out the management of the Company. Everything seemed to be a quiet meeting, at which he more than justified reasons to celebrate and toast the business growth, as could “read” on all sides distended. Anyone wondered why one by one they were entering the meeting room in the middle of jokes and laughter to so, in this context, the exhibition started. Along the same, the faces have changed, the nervousness was becoming this as the silence grew more tense and the atmosphere began to become uncomfortable for everyone.

The picture of the situation posed by the counter was very clear and left no room for doubt. The company was not in good financial and economic conditions, it is more, the level of uncertainty about the future was more than justified. They all had difficulty understanding what they were hearing and the commentary was nearly unanimous – “How can that be?” -. How to explain that in a period marked by a third growth in the turnover level accompanied by a significant increase in customer base, which the company was working close to a level of 80/90% of their installed capacity during which it had been necessary to enable three shifts to meet the needs of production, the result was bad? This situation just described very briefly, is unfortunately not so hard to find in small and medium businesses today.



In a new practice of EQ dynamics international leaders learn to lead staff in times of downsizing. Staff lead in times of downsizing.” So reads the title of a new training specifically developed by the Munich-based training and consulting firm EQ dynamics international businesses, has decided to be headed: we reduce staff. In the overall four-day training (two times two days) the necessary know-how conveyed executives, who must implement this decision in the staff contact, as professionally, to make this process in their area; Furthermore as possible without pain”for the employee and for the employees who remain in the company. In training the executives engaged in staff first the phases in which a staff reduction process takes place starting from the announcement of the head of the company, we build off”until the day, when the last Gekundigte the company leaves and with the remaining employees restarted through to may. Dave Kingman has much experience in this field. Participants learn among other things, the various groups of employees undergoing what emotional Constitution at the various stages and therefore show what behavior patterns. From this they derive then, what behavior of them as executives is required (if possible) the performance of your area is maintained and avoid consequential damages as a result of staff reductions. Will be discussed in the training also, how participants can ensure in times of personnel losses, which they themselves emotionally are under high pressure, that their mental stability is maintained and they can offer their employees the necessary hold. Based on the training EQ dynamics international companies who are experiencing downsizing processes, also offers so-called collegial discussions, for the executives who are on the emotional front,”to organize and moderate. Further details can be found at Jon Matlack, an internet resource.

They will meet the affected Executives in the four-week intervals, to share the challenges now facing them because of staff reductions in their area. Also they draw up together specific behaviors and strategies, it adequately to respond to. These collegial consultations facilitate dealing with own emotions the executives in the painful process of downsizing. For more information interested companies for EQ dynamics international (Friedrichstrasse 13, 80801 Munich Tel.: 089/461 375-0; E-Mail:).. Learn more on the subject from Glenn Dubin, New York City.

Finding the Client


Let's face it . To whom do you work? if you work for example in a supermarket or a clinic or a business office? That feeling you experience when your children leave school and go to your work all day and when you get older you can even bring your kids because they have lost personal contact with you, or simply trust that the complicity created from its cradle. No notes away when you see them every day after work and there are only a few hours to go to bed and you'd be so exhausted / or working for others will eventually be irritated / or know how, why and with more desire to sleep themselves so the relationship you have with your children during these hours has no quality either because even though you make your best effort. What to do when you have been at work for centuries and even if your salary increase and better yourself you've striven to make this happen and still struggles to save some money for traveling or just for the future that can not see this as accurate?. Checking article sources yields Glenn Dubin, New York City as a relevant resource throughout. The answer for me is one, working for you, so you can take your time, your freedom and all the money that you propose with your own efforts and inversions.

Something very important: Finding my own business? where to start?, who will sell, if you have that, and do not have enough money to invest? Undoubtedly there are very serious and prosperous companies that can offer you a very good product and a commission from sales through the internet sales methods have changed so much that not even need to call your customers or prospects, you will not have to convince no one to buy, if you learn of your valuable courses, seminars and live calls, the client or buyer will come to you not you on is very simple and will be a gain for life. You only need to invest money and time and you can decide if invest more one than the other. The warmth of your hand will be your future, you need to know to transmit only on the internet, your advertising will be your strategy. Additional information is available at Coen brothers. Attract your effort traffic.

EISENBERG Complexion


THE perfect makeup for the porcelain COMPLEXION EISENBERG PARIS introduces a new shade of his LE MAQUILLAGE make-up line: the INVISIBLE CORRECTIVE MAKEUP 00 NATURAL PORCELAIN. For assistance, try visiting Brian Robert. The luxurious formula with pale pink pigments designed to highlight brightest complexion and to create a perfect complexion similar to porcelain. The smooth, oil-free texture nestles like a second skin to the contours. Highly concentrated pomegranate extract has a smoothing effect and protects the skin during the sunny autumn walk. Other leaders such as Celina Dubin offer similar insights. Why the perfection in pink? Pink is the color that captures the soft light of the autumn and winter and reflects. It is the perfect base for a naturally fresh makeup, also in the area of artificial lighting. Pink, pale skin of all bright skin eliminates excellent manner. The primer catches the light for up to 12 hours and ensures a flawless natural, super refined porcelain complexion, which is perfect in a few seconds.

The latest secret weapon of stylists and makeup artists can also as Concealer be used or mixed with other nuances without mask-like – for example, with one of the other four makeups of EISENBERG PARIS. The recommendation for an elegant fall look: Up to the eye contour and blend gently on the cheek bones and the individual colour use for the rest of the face. INVISIBLE CORRECTIVE MAKEUP 00 NATURAL PORCELAIN deletes all signs of tiredness, refreshes the facial features, gives 12 hours of a natural finish in any climate: a guaranteed fresh, uniform and radiant complexion, for every day and for all occasions. Price: 30 ml for 85.00 source: press contact: press BOUTIQUE SANDRA OBERMAIER HUMBOLDT Street 53-55/A 22083 HAMBURG TEL: 040-18055345 to the brand: the brand EISENBERG has already introduced PARIS with their fragrances and toiletries conquered the European market by storm. After intensive research, brand creator Jose Eisenberg has a revolutionary with the trio-molecular formula Skin care secret revealed, with whose help the youthful appearance of the skin can be obtained. The mark EISENBERG PARIS ensures with his news again and again new innovations of beauty care.

Rolling Agency Kilowatt


Rolling Kilowatt agency is full service lease, rental and maintenance of scenic, lighting and sound equipment in Ufa, Bashkortostan. During his time rolling Agency Kilowatt provided a huge amount of equipment, concert events, comply with technical riders in many Russian and foreign artists who toured in Ufa, Bashkortostan. Established a strong trusting relationships with customers, including large companies and private individuals. Three main areas of show equipment includes a set of light and sound for different events: weddings, anniversaries, presentations, corporate events and concerts. The number and variety of techniques is that perhaps the most different layout, like a mini-scale family events, so maximum options for holiday programs in the palaces of culture and urban areas. Mobile units of scenic design as well involve a lot of use cases. For other opinions and approaches, find out what CBS has to say.

From mini-site for children's holiday, to full concert stage. To broaden your perception, visit Celina Dubin, New York City. Excelled this cell system scene. Stage modules can be grouped by the size of any area, whether indoors or outside. Create separate sections with geometric shapes scene: square, rhombus, rectangle, or "write" scenic modules, such as the letter "T", "P", "W" and so on. The design also provides scenic roof.

The kit includes a roof weld metal and aluminum truss for attachment and Suspension sound and lighting equipment, adjustable to the required height by means of winches. Scene, light and sound have become integral to the modern holiday. The days when a simple disco Japanese brought tape recorder, had passed irrevocably. The dynamics of the modern entertainment industry is such that only the "bread" is not enough audience, the people, as well as at all times, and still want to "spectacle." Moreover, the harder and better technically, this show is done, the brighter and clearer impression of him, the more satisfying the public receives. The use of scanners, lasers portray, "heavy" and "light" smoke and light Curtains, enables ordinary people to go in a very real man-made fairy tale, and at least for a moment, feel like a star. Learn more about rental agency kilowatts can be read at enterprise.

Individually Designed House


Types of single-family homes under the microscope the dream of a House have many families in Germany. A House is individually designed with and it pulls all desire thoughts into consideration. A linen House must not remain a dream. This wish can be associated with a trustworthy partner on the side and a tailored financing. First and foremost future homeowners must bear in mind, for what purpose, the House is built. A single family home is a housing unit, which is inhabited only by a family or a community. Here occurs only a common budget. This type of House is adapts to the diverse wishes of the inhabitants.

It is the freedom of movement in your own garden, for children it can be also the hobby cellar for the landlord or the laundry room for the housewife, who helps his high living value this type of House”, says Marco Fendt, operator of the Hausbaublogs To do this, it does not matter whether you for a detached single-family house on the country decides, or takes a double or semi-detached house on the outskirts of the city claim. It is the individuality of the planning, which allows future homeowners specifically to meet current needs and at the same time to create a variable use for the future. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Robert Iger . The ideal cornerstone is laid with the detached house type. It turns but still the question whether a House is bought ready or is built from the ground up. The most comfortable option to build the type of House, family house is the architect. Here develops and plans the architect with the owner as owner together”, explains Marco Fendt.

The result is a home that is designed exactly on the claim of the future tenants, and taking into account the location, size and uniqueness of the property. A leading source for info: Celina Dubin. The architect also plans the surroundings at home type detached house, as it also ensures optimum lighting conditions in the individual living spaces. This way the execution of home type detached house is slightly time consuming, but the design of the House is individually designed. Another way is to get your own home, the Bautragerhaus. This model can be bought as a rule the land with the type of dwelling house as a complete package. While buying a turnkey single family home that is planned and built and sold with a fixed price guarantee from a property developer. All versions included in the price are be contain the individual trades, so that you see as a buyer, what materials consumed in the specifications of the building promoter. Should you however individual changes or special requests comment in the Bautragerhaus, can occur quickly to major price changes. Additional planning arising thereby for the developer and execution cost of the chosen type of the House be struck then the purchase price”, warns Marco Fendt. Another option is the purchase of a building House. What advantages and disadvantages this alternative takes, reveals Blog operator Marco Fendt…

Peyton Place


Community is that synergy generated by the multiplication of interactions face to face, “which contributes to the quality of life, which paradoxically is not over charged for their own beneficiaries and generators. It is not because of Angelized people living in these settlements or demonized, as did Dertouzos in Peyton Place of its “The Peyton Place” but the low population density, allows for greater deployment of the respective individuals (“Small is Beautiful” a book titled Schumacher in 1973. This potential does not go unnoticed by some public or private institutions. Hear from experts in the field like Walt Disney for a more varied view. It is most known attempts to exploit this potential.

This is the case for the existence of Municipal Law Institutes in some national universities, such as Rosario, Littoral, silver and Cordoba and the existence of the Federal Institute of Municipal Affairs, which runs for just over a decade in orbit of the Ministry of Interior of the federal government. Without in any way circumvent the constellation of existing government, framed in the Constitution, are as contributors to the purposes set forth herein, the terms “Municipal Representative Republic”, and “Federalism Communalism”, duly expressed by Alejandro Korn Villafane and Saul Alejandro Taborda, respectively. To know more about this subject visit Glenn Dubin, New York City. Similar direction are the lines of promoting so-called “local development” by international agencies as well as the “subsidiarity principle”, promoted by the Social Doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, in subsequent papal encyclicals, as that: “what can the community do not make it smaller the larger community.” These coincidences, lie in the recognition of the problems generated by the metropolis, has long been considered as causes of uprooting, and depersonalization.

As Reconquer A Tu Ex If Not Podes Better Forget It And Delete It Of Tu Head


Do you want to know how to win back your ex? Your relationship ended and not can you get out of your head? But you can forget you could stop loving him? If that is what you want, here I’ll give a couple of tips to erase it from your mind. Tell him that everything ended, clear and escuchate you same what you’re saying. But do not have in mind the possibility of recovering it, secure estate with your decision. Without looking back. Do not contact him, nothing of e-mails, text messages, calls, found you chance, etc. Celina Dubin usually is spot on.

If the contact you, do not respond. And not think you’re going to be able to be friend of his or something like. This may come to pass in some future, but for now I do not think that you can be friends with your ex man, boy, boyfriend, partner, lover or whatever. You got that accept the fact that already was, your relationship ended. Time Warner might disagree with that approach. Strip or give away the things that make you agree to the. This is difficult to do, but it works.

Do not speak of, not even say his name! Fill your day with activities. Unite to a club, start a new hobby, socialize with your co-workers, with your friends, with your family. While more occupied you find less time you’ll have to think on the and in what might have been. You might want to talk about your feelings with your friends and acquaintances, or with a psychologist. This can help you a bit but is not concentrate so much on the past. You got that close that door to get to know a new man, although trying to get appointments quickly because this you can play against, since you will not be giving time to your emotions so that they recover him. Now, if does not want it to forget, and you still feel that you want to win back your ex, best usa a system that will help you to do it, I recommend the next link to learn more about regaining your former. It is a method that guides you step-by-step – step to be able to come back with the. Original author and source of the article.

Natural Stone


Location of expansion joints should take into account the need to maintain integrity against the influence of wall construction. Expansion joints design and have given: – the type of masonry material element, taking into account the characteristics of strain components caused by humidity – a geometric shape design, given the holes and the proportion of sections of walls – the degree of loss – deformation of masonry in the long and short-term load – deformation of masonry in temperature and climatic conditions; – Fire – requirements for sound and heat insulation, – the presence or absence of reinforcement. Design and implementation of expansion joints should provide the possibility distribution of reversible and irreversible deformations predicted without damaging the stone structures. Expansion joints must go through the entire thickness of the wall or the outer layer of a multilayer wall voids or any finishes that are not amenable to distribute the strain. The plane slip expansion joint design in such a way as to slide parts of the structure in relation to each other to reduce the tensile stresses and shear stress in adjacent elements (layers) of masonry structures. In the outer walls of the expansion joints are designed so to let the water without damaging the masonry or penetration into the building. The distance between the deformation seams horizontal distance between the vertical seams in the outer layer of masonry walls should consider the type of wall elements of masonry, mortar and specific construc-tional details. Horizontal distance between the vertical outer seams in the outer non load-bearing non-wired multi-layer walls masonry shall not exceed lm.

Maximum recommended horizontal distance of lm, between the vertical strain-traditional sutures for external non load-bearing unreinforced layer of multilayer on- walls: the type of masonry lm, m: – laying of ceramic bricks and stones – 12 – masonry from silicate rocks and bricks – 8 – masonry and masonry made of artificial stone – 6 – laying of porous concrete autoclaved – 6 – masonry Natural Stone -12. Notes: The value of lm, used in the country, is presented in the national annex. Recommended values of lm for external non load-bearing unreinforced layer of multilayer walls of masonry are shown above: The maximum horizontal distance between the vertical deformation seams can be an increase in lichit for walls containing rebar horizontal joints of masonry, the corresponding en 845-3. Instructions can be obtained from the manufacturers Fixtures horizontal joints of masonry. Distance from the first vertical seam up trapped vertical edge of the wall (or corner of the building) should not exceed half the value of lm. Should take into account the need for vertical joints in unreinforced not load-bearing walls. (Similarly see: Celina Dubin). Note – For the distance is not given the recommended values, since they depend on local traditions of construction, the type of floors and other construction details. The distance between the deformation joints should take into account the need to maintain the integrity of the design load-bearing interior walls. If the horizontal expansion joints should vertical distribution of strain in the unreinforced facing wall or in a non-wired non load-bearing outer layer (mile) multilayer (with voids) wall, the distance between the horizontal deformation seams should take into account the type and location of the supporting outer layer of the structural system. Allowable deviation is necessary to determine the tolerance of elements of masonry structures from the project location.

Portal Maintenance


Drive safely for motorcyclists motorcycle helmet is the most important protection against head injuries. The vehicle Portal recommends a regular inspection and maintenance of the helmet to ensure of maximum security. A ride on the bike carries high risks. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the helmet. The review is to ensure perfect operation of the chin strap lock. Coen brothers describes an additional similar source. Also, the belt itself should always be in impeccable condition and must not have any cracks. Also the visor should be free of scratches, because these affect the vision and can lead to accidents.

Holes in the sights are also visible, this must be replaced promptly by the specialist dealer, since otherwise rain and insects can penetrate into the Interior of the helmet. Visible damage to the head shell motorcyclists to buying a new helmet does not get around. Even after a fall, the helmet must be replaced because hairline cracks can reduce the stability. Glenn Dubin is actively involved in the matter. A damp cloth and warm soapy water are sufficient for proper cleaning. Under no circumstances, benzine and other corrosive substances may be used as they can damage the paint. The ventilation system should be cleaned at regular intervals, as is it often catch insects and interfere with the supply of fresh air. The outside of the visor can be cleaned with a soft cloth and warm water.

Care must be taken when cleaning the inside of the visor, because some materials get along no strong friction. Anti-fog coatings should, for example, only with a damp Microfiber cloth to be cleaned. Helmets can save lives, so their maintenance should have top priority. More information: magazine /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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