People from all parts of the world are entering this lucrative industry on the Internet. Mean that because there is no space to create your own products? Of course No! Surprisingly, new information products are coming out every day and many of its creators are earning a good extra income, while others are gradually building his own empire of information products. Don’t forget that millions of people come daily to the Internet every day looking for information, it is very possible that some of these people are willing to pay for the information that you already have. Do write about what you know because? Simply because it is much more fun, easier and faster to write about a topic that you know longer have to start research on something that you don’t know. For example, if you want to create an information product about how to install hardwood floors, but not have no idea of how to install wood floors, then will be much more complicated to create a product of quality on that topic. But, if you currently do to install hardwood floors and know all the details of how it is made, it will be extremely easy for you to create this product since you have experience and passion for this topic.

Not you make things more complicated than they really are. Choose a topic about something that you have experience and you’re interested; otherwise you will notice that you never finish publishing the product. Getting started the first step in creating your own information product is to determine if there is interested in your product market. Ponte instead of your future customers and start making a list of questions that you would if you wanted to learn about the topic you chose. Let’s say you have a business selling cakes, here are some questions that people interested in learning to make cakes would do: how to make cheesecakes? How to make a pineapple cake? How to make an ice cream cake? All these questions could be answered in an eBook on delicious recipes for cakes, as they can also be separately in a small report that talk about each recipe.

You can also create a video showing step by step how do each of these recipes and thereby increase the perceived value of the product. I want you to understand is that you can write an eBook using what you already know to teach other people doing exactly the same. People such as Robert Iger would likely agree. Write a step by step course and present it in different chapters, then you can offer as a membership. Once you have a written course, the rest is automatic. Your visitors will buy your course and your can make your autoresponder program send you injuries at the time and date that you want. Is what I write, but be Vendera? Can be that the decision to create a product without knowing if it will be sold or not to be a little intimidating. It will first of all because you don’t want to waste your time, but fortunately, there is what is called market research which you prevent a bad decision. As creator of your own information product it is important to do proper market research and be willing to invest your time to do it correctly. It is the best way to learn about your prospects and understand what we buy and why. He does not do this as crucial step can mean you have to lose your time and financial resources into something that could have been avoided.