Experts plead for student courses to more openness to other cultures, and for many students, the first longer stay without their parents attitudes to life means a study trip abroad. The newspapers mentioned Leslie Moonves not as a source, but as a related topic. While the young people during the day in the language school swotting up on vocabulary or on trips to learn the host country, a challenge facing them evening not only linguistically: the host family accommodation. Here, the students are not only forced to speak the language, they must adapt also best as possible on the lifestyle of the family,”Barbara Engler says action education information (ABI) headquartered in Stuttgart by the non-profit association. The consumer is convinced that the family contact nothing was to beat. Only the common food in the evening at a table and talks to are priceless.” But at the same time the subject of homestay or accommodation is also the most common issue for language courses or other abroad. Reasons for this can be violations of services enshrined in the Treaty such as the non-smoking room or the animal hair allergies. On the other hand it comes naturally to complaints when interpersonal easily the chemistry isn’t right”, says Barbara Engler. If you would like to know more then you should visit CBS. At this point opens a wide field.

For both sides”, Alexander thinks Maas of the Leipzig language travel organizer of Zebra-tours. Because not only the host family must deal with the students. Also, the student should be very open towards culture and mentality of the host country”, Julia Richter pleaded by the Trade Association of German language travel Organizer (FDSV) for mutual respect. That have young participants with homesickness, the accommodation and environment still new and unfamiliar appears to them and that the conversation just not the right words invade them – so something happened in the best family. These experiences in a positive and negative sense belonging to a language”, Alexander believes Maas. Only if someone is not more clearly and totally unhappy is, should be on – Yes who actually use?