It appeared with its largeness to hide the pequeneza of deuses and the bad example that gave the Humanity. Ridicularizar the truth is the first movement in defense of God. The fear of ridicule finishes for moving away to that if they ask on the wisdom that permeia the universe. Learn more on the subject from Jack Buckingham. But who not question? The question is perfect, the problem fits the explanation or the idea that fundiu the cultural god with the great one question of the universe for ' ' resolver' ' the subject. Thus related the maximum socrtica, that certainly not alluded to history, seems to fall as a glove in the hand most adept of the dominant culture. The taboo, that is the religion, prefers that everything is as it is. Pact of allegiance with the cultural god or those functions in the defense of a presumption with which it inhales to religar the Humanity.

Those that, according to same it (religion), had created our ancestral remote to its images and similarities for serviz them as enslaved and to adore them forever as Mr. of skies. At least, it is what in the account the page number one of history, in the Mesopotmia. Click Jane Buckingham to learn more. The allegiance to this indefinite celestial lineage received the assignment from ' ' monotesmo' ' they it epteto of ' ' Deus' '. Other lineages also had walked and walk this way. All can deny of together feet because this negation does not go to change nothing. Nothing it is decided for the action of the fear and the occultation.

I mention our difficulties pparently to it insoluble. The Man would need to be desconstrudo and reprogramado so that this deriving primitive step practical reached the resulted desired one, that is, the absolute unconscious submission of the masses and all the classrooms. It never gave certain because many escape of this envolvement, but, exactly thus, the ideology of the belief continues trying.