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Carlos Lopez


Is added, the key to the successful management of change is to understand what can happen with each of the actors who are involved with the company, what happen with clients?, how will providers behave?, they will be willing to change employees or will resist?, how will my competitors move?, will be shareholders willing to maintain your investment?how you can anticipate and handle each of these reactions? why Pascale recommendation is important, ask yourself questions is more effective than seeking answers. Reality Venezuelan urges that management identify more with the scope, role requiring the management of change, analyze, diagnose and generate strategies, processes of changes that raise serious problems currently facing this industrial park in the country, where, by not having faced changes with actions relevant to what the challenges demand, he has done that many companies no longer operate and this has seriously affected the countrymore importer than exporter of products which could occur in the country, especially in the agricultural sector has become. Final conclusions do not doubt, as Carlos Lopez points out, the change manager must be leading, have broad vision, communication, and more than anything capacity to inspire its people, because you must understand though it is the Manager has no consigo all solutions and is the people that surrounds it which may make the change. Please visit Robert Iger if you seek more information. To this we add, that it is fully identified with the challenges, scope, impact that currently the country is manifesting itself with the actions of the current Government, in addition to demands that globalization demands in the current global scenarios. We share with what drew thin Manuel about that when it comes to the challenges, generate changes, it is necessary to lose fear of change, know yourself, know how to communicate and give a time just to act. Since then also having adequate knowledge to ensure achievements. Original author and source of the article.

Venice Carnival


For its elegance and its tradition, the Carnival of Venice is one of the most important in the world, representing one of the biggest attractions of the city and the high tourism season, so we recommend preparing the trip with time, especially for hotel reservations. Venice began to celebrate this feast in the 11th century, being the most popular in the 18th century feast, when it lasted from the first Sunday in October until I started the lent. At this time, the Venetians from any social class, dress with long black coats called tabarro, and a white mask, bauta, and began the great feast, in which the people could meddle in Affairs of the aristocracy, and even make fun of this. Venice was going to represent a great theatre with dances, songs and free love. The time made this basic clothing, to hide the face and release the man, it was becoming increasingly elaborate costumes and Venetian masks to acquire artwork category.

With the arrival of the 20th century was the Carnival losing, until in 1979 Venice decided to recover this feast, with more tourist than holidays objectives. Today, the Venice Carnival lasts twelve days, ending on Tuesday of Carnival: in this celebration the City Council organizes large parades and dances in costume, to which all are invited, from children to the elderly. We can currently buy a mask Venetian at any time of the year, although Carnival is when more jobs and stores sell, although we must warn you that bring home a of these works of art is not cheap. The only regret of this great Festival, which we recommend, is that economic interest has prevailed in this feast and the interest of the Venetians has become its Carnival make a great business. In our Venice guide you will find more information to travel to Venice, as well as on moving through Venice or what to see in Venice.