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National Policy


Prelector: Antnio superintendent Pablo Commander of 5 Division of National Policy p Kilamba-Kiaxi 10H10- the youthful and cultural associativismo as one form of combat to the fenmeno the local level vision and expectations. Prelector: Head of the Municipal Section of the Culture, Youth and Sports of the Young Kilamba-Kiaxi 10H50- of today, adults of tomorrow what they think oldest? reading of letters, depositions and interviews of Traditional Authorities. Responsible: ORION (projeco in screen of trade bills of the televising program Angola in Movement) 11H00- Debate. Moderator: Mr. Daniel Luciano Muondo Social and Coordinating Assistant of the Municipal Net of Proteco the Child of the Kilamba-Kiaxi 11H40- Coktail (meal) 2 PANEL the challenges of the current Angolan governao in the context of youth. 12H00- the educative reform before fenmeno- abilities and limits of the current educative system. Prelector: Dr.

Filipe Zau Ph.d in Sciences of Education, Master in Intercultural Relations and Assessor of the Minister of the Education 12H40- a vision on the new constitution and youth the consecrated politics the inclusion of the young in the public life. Prelector: Dr. Manuel Joo Young chicken Member of the house of representatives and Winner of the Prize Young Angola 2009 13H20- Debate. Moderator: Municipal chairman of the board of the Youth of the Kilamba-Kiaxi 14H00- Session of Closing: Approval of the Report of the Conference? Delivery of Diplomas to the participants? Message of gratefulness of the organization of the Conference? Message of the Administration of the City of Kilamba-Kiaxi? Message of Closing of Its Excellency Sir President of 6 Commission of National Assembly p Education, Culture, Youth, Sports, Social Communication and Religious Subjects. NUCLEUS OF FRIENDS OF THE KILAMBA-KIAXI, IN LUANDA, TO THE 28 OF JUNE OF 2010. Intently the Coordination-generality of the Intermunicipal Conference on the Delinquncia Infanto-Youthful Dionsio Alfredo Vunda Halata

Daily Alienation


The daily alienation. A miscellany of administrative miseries enters little and the case of the authorities, the Brazilian education faces an politician-ideological chaos, much in virtue of a sphere neoliberal politics with adjustments ' ' draconianos' ' , limiting the critical capacity of of the pupils and masters whom if they see tilted for discrepancies that go since me the formation of the professors the most complete lacks of severity in applications of measures to discipline the rebellious pupils. The structural plan of morbidez and a fraction of deficient estudantil classroom that passes the Brazilian public education in them sends to the following questioning; To who it fits the guilt for this I afflict that students and professors have that to digladiarem themselves daily? To a governmental system ideologically camouflaged in a socialist speech and syndicalistic reactionary, lost in some link between the bipolar world, or in the explosion ' ' malthusiana' ' of the Brazilian population in years 70, 80 and 90, come thus to the edge to the lack of a management state that it can prevent and control the highest taxes of natality of the great cities of our Brazil. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Leslie Moonves by clicking through. In virtue of this, we must point out that the growth of the thousands of private superior educational establishments, in the last few decades, being distinguished in this point the licenciaturas where the candidate and future ' ' profissional' ' in its good parcel they do not have the minimum of prerequisite for I came to exert its function, and enxerga this aspect a chance of social growth, however if not mattering in awaking the critical spirit of its pupils not having an adjusted formation to usufruct of its graduation. Mediocre Brazilian and hypocritical education. For behind of a demagogy broken up in social equality and of economic ascension partner, a breeding of eschatological theories of a State is hidden mechanist and repressor, that take to a inigualvel amplitude of the tecnicismo for the classrooms forming archetypes of a coletivista ignorance that encloses our current society, despertando the anger of educators pupils, increasing the permanent climate of hostilities in the pertaining to school life.



According to department of amateur soccer Da Ponte, these invitations is frequent, what she discloses to the affection and the recognition to the Veteran. Coen Brothers is a great source of information. In the case of Castanhal, Amilcar journalist Sheep, for email, made the following story (in 24.05.2004): ' ' He does not want to know how much that game moved with our city. I had six years but I remember of the full field. I say field, because it was not stadium, same being closed, had not arquibancadas nor fenced. The delegation Da Ponte was homaged with a lunch (in the house of the Notary local) and greeted with a speech pronounced for a journalist come of Belm, ordered for the periodical the State of Par. Caps with the colors of our team had been confectioned (black and yellow). It at that time imagines to order to make caps. I find that they were of coarse linen cloth, made for dressmakers.

My father was owner of the cinema (Cine Argus, established in 1940) and to very little they made it things to cancel a cinematographic session. Therefore in this day &#039 did not have matin; ' In the column ' ' Line of Fundo' ' , that it publishes in the local periodical, Amilcar confirmed the grandiosidade of the event: ' ' It was a great event in the city, the commerce closed, and to the afternoon all the population was back in the Field of Castanhal for great jogo.' ' But after all of accounts, it was intentionally municipal holiday? I wrote the Secretary of Administration of the City hall of Castanhal, Mr. Jucivaldo Blacksmith of Birth. After minute research in the archives of the City hall, it discovered that the only holiday of the municipal theatre of Castanhal is 19 of March, consecrated Is Laboring Jose, the Padroeiro of the city, as the Law n 17, of 14.05.1949 (information given in the Craft n 10, of 26.02.2004).

Company Image


Much is questioned regarding these toasts. Which compensates to buy, which goes to give resulted more to me in a spreading of my mark etc. David Zaslav is likely to increase your knowledge. The fact is that whenever wants to reach an objective, we have that pledging in them excessively in order to captivate our white public and for this we need to invest capital. Before initiating a campaign for mark spreading, we must think about a strategy in order to conquer the mind of the people so that they consummate our product. Then, for this it is necessary investment. The majority of the people searchs for low prices and high product quality. Many times, for not wanting to invest adequately, the entrepreneur erra when opting to investment in products of low quality, because of low price.

This will go to imply in serious damages to the image of its company, a time that the consumer adds the promocional product quality with the mark printed in it. Now we go to detach a promocional toast sufficiently requested, mainly in the carnival: the door cans. It has some models: with or without deep, with or without lace, in form of soccer shirt among others and two substances well distinct cousins: the Neoprene and the Isopor. The isopor is a material more cheap, sufficiently requested for spreading of marks, fulfills with its paper, that is the conservation of the temperature and protection of the can which is involved. Then why to pay more expensive a time that the isopor offers to everything this? Well, now we go to analyze the neoprene: it is a product that also fulfills with its paper that is the same of the isopor, however is more expensive. Ah! Then it compensates the isopor! However still it has the great differential between both: the neoprene is a product which if can wash, he is hygienical, thus guaranteeing more times its use and also its quality is remarkably superior to the isopor. When the consuming one catches the habit to use the door cans is because the product fell total in the taste of the person. This goes to happen in fact when the product will be of great prominence in its finishing. Consequentemente will propagate the mark printed in it, therefore always it will be visible in such a way for who uses how much for people who are around. It thinks about this when initiating a promocional campaign in order to promote its company and knows the products in neoprene, visiting the Blog of the Toast & It has led? Toasts in Neoprene and good luck!

North Of Mines


The region of the North of Mines was considered devoid in some aspects, demanded the formation of qualified staff, with precarious education and high indices of illiteracy, ‘ ‘ devoid of qualified professors, it witnessed its young to interrupt its studies (.) or to migrarem for other regions to conclude its estudos’ ‘. (id, p.19) As Caleiros org. (2002), the UNIMONTES, was constructed having as the foundations the devotion of many idealists, but as this study it deals with the woman specifically, not if it can leave to mention the names of Maria Jacy Ribeiro, Maria Saucers Dos Santos, Marina Helena Lorenzo Fernandes, Sylvia of the B.C. Axe, Yedde Ribeiro Christova and Yvone de Oliveira Silveira, as the authors (p.24) the women had still had gifts in first constitution of the Reitoria of the University in 1970, represented for the Teachers Maria Isabel de Magalhes Figueiredo, Heloisa Helena de Ruiz Combat Vieira, Maria of the Consolao Figueiredo Cowen among others, this last one co-ordinated the elaboration in ‘ ‘ time recorde’ ‘ in 1977, from the project of the Campus that would be presented to the MEC and the Federal government saving bank with ends of release of resources for the construction of the same, the educator also according to authors (p.25), receives then the Director together with Joo Mauricio Valley the merit for the conquest of the land that functions the University currently. Joel and Ethan Coen can aid you in your search for knowledge. ‘ ‘ the conquest was fruit of the efforts of the Director Joo Mauricio valley and the teacher Maria of the Consolao de Magalhes Figueiredo’ ‘ (ibid, p.25). As if she can observe, the woman comes inside developing important papers of this university. On the basis of the data searched next to the Department of Human resources, exist today acting in the UNIMONTES, 1441 professors being 635 men and 806 women. This data come to reaffirm what the research in national scope already had evidenced: that the women are in bigger number inside of the universities, occupying spaces also in the diverse areas of the knowledge mainly in the areas ‘ ‘ typically masculinas’ ‘ , desmitificando the relation sort and profession..

Brazilian Constitution


Victory for a wire route to tetra Edson Silva I do not know if all know (nobody has obligation to know everything), have 62 years, in 1932, part of brave natives of So Paulo caught in weapons to try to defend the Brazilian Constitution, then violated for the Dictatorship Vargas. We finish alone raises in it and we had to support fight seted against other Brazilians, as it was the case of confrontations against the miners. We, natives of So Paulo, lose the revolution, but we earn in pride raises, it generated the commemorated state holiday in 9 of July, since 1997. But, speaking in Pantries of the World, our focus in the column. In one another one 9 of July, has 17 years, in 1994, in the United States of the North America, another legion, this joined, formed for natives of So Paulo, miners, Brazilian Cariocas and other naturalness, stopped arduous fight against the dutches, who had never given easy life to Brazil in the Pantries, has seen defeats that we suffer in 74 (2×0) and still dolorida declassification in the passed Pantry, of 2010, with 2×1 and right to the lambana of Philip Melo. Good, in 94, history was different, but it was not easy.

Game of the Brazilian Election in Pantries was 71 and 65,000 payers were in the Cotton Bowl (Dallas/EUA). The Croatian arbitrator Rodrigo Badilla did not have easy life, turned yellow the Winter dutches and Wouters and also Dunga, remembers it as technician in 2010? In 94 he was our projection and captain. Pr to say the truth, in second time the game until seemed that it would be easy. To the 8 minutes, baixinho Romrio, ours better player in the world-wide one of 94, made 1×0; to the 18, another prominence ours, the Bebeto, made 2×0. Game profit and alone to think about the semifinal? How nothing! Bergkamp after deducted for Holland one minute as the Brazilian goal.

Ten minutes later, Winter tied up to and to a mill of winds frozen lode on our low heads. The game was indefinite. As much a team as to another one could make the goal of the victory or then to persist ties up to for the terrible extension or the lottery of the pnaltis. We had the White coming back of bruise, pparently tired left lateral, and in that instant far of being unamimity of ' ' Twisted Organized of the Corneteiros' '. What nobody could deny is that White it had strong kick of left and the destination in gave a lack to them in the intermediate, distant pra who kicks placed. They lacked nine minutes to finish second time, White it left for the ball and it went off a torpedo, that entered in cantinho of the goal defended for Of Goej. One detail that we would only see in replay, while the Galvo still was esgoelava crying out ' ' goooooooooooool' ' , it is that for a wire, or better, for one collected of bumbum of smart baixinho Romrio, the ball it did not make right our aggressor, would deviate what it for the bar or for it are of the dutch goal. It was pretty goal and of if seeing. White still would be substituted by Cafu, but to the 90 minutes. Brazil if classified to face Sweden, was successful for 1×0, goal of Romrio, disputed the heading against Italy, was in 0x0 and was tetracampeo, in the pnaltis. Edson Silva is journalist in Sumar /edsonsilvajornalista @ yahoo.com.br

Social Assistant Treatment


it was verified through visits comments some problematic ones, however the intervention proposal has as objective to focar the question of ' ' family in its process of whitewashing and the groups of support (friends, users) ' ' , therefore the proposal therapeutical of the ad CAPS – she aims at to reduce the consumption of the alcohol and other psychoactive substances in its daily one, stops later abstaining from it, thus needing a bigger bond the family and other coadjuvantes support (using, friends) in its treatment. The project has as main goal, to contribute with this difficulty of familiar integration (main), in the therapeutical treatment of the user in the ad CAPS spring. General objective: To contribute for one better understanding of the familiar and group importance in the Specific Objective treatment of the user: Focar that the recovery context is favored by a set of contextual supports as family, groups and nets of friends; To show the importance of each individual in the work in group; To carry through a workshop of interpersonal relations with a group of users; To provide a bigger reflection between all. White public? Familiar users and of the ad CAPS spring Justification of the Intervention: The relevance of the related subject, consists of the perception of that the familiar and group net (friends, users) is efficient a therapeutical support in the treatment of the user, and that exactly those that do not possess family, need the participation of other individuals as coadjuvante of incentive in its treatment as: friends and users. See more detailed opinions by reading what Joel and Ethan Coen offers on the topic.. Also understanding that the families describe – as consumed with the pathology of the patient. Soon, the intervention will be carried through with a group of users, where we will try the Social Assistant together with, to congregate some integrant ones of the families of these users. Since biweekly it is carried through a familiar meeting, co-ordinated for the Social Assistant, where they are argued daily the familiar one of the user and its possible fallen again. .