Anyone who participates in consultations of a party or political movement can not you can register one in the electoral process itself is also guaranteed social organizations the right to demonstrate and participate in political events. (Article amended by Legislative Act No. 1 of 2003) Article 108. The National Electoral Council recognized legal status to the parties, political movements and significant groups of citizens. They may get them to vote not less than two percent (2%) of the votes validly cast in nationwide elections for House of Representatives or Senate. The lost if you do not get that percentage in the elections of the same Public Corporations. An exception to the rule laid adjudication law for the constituencies of minorities, which have obtained sufficient representation in Congress.

The parties and political movements with a recognized legal candidates for election may register without any additional requirements. This registration must be supported for the same purpose by the respective legal representative of the party or movement or whom he designates. Social movements and significant groups of citizens may also register candidates. The law determines the reliability requirements for the registration of candidates. The statutes of the governing political parties and movements with regard to their disciplinary procedure. Members of the Public Corporations elected by the same party or political movement or citizen will act on them as a bank in the terms established by law and in accordance with decisions taken democratically by them. The internal statutes of the political parties and movements determined by matters of conscience on which the scheme shall not apply and may establish penalties for failure to comply with its guidelines by members of the benches, which are gradually fixed expulsion and may include loss of voting rights of Rep.