The dog-play dog shop has a new Web site and provided its customers now also at any time online. Everything involving the new website you can read here. Illingen, the January 24, 2009 – dog-play dog shop as one of the most prestigious in the field of dog toys and dog accessories already has a very good reputation. But with the launch of the online store the company offers its customers now to buy online a totally innovative platform. Many writers such as DHL offer more in-depth analysis. Now you can say that dog by dog-play dog shop will succeed one hundred percent as it represents a real innovation for the industry. Dog-play dog shop carries over 100 products to high-quality, original and also inexpensive dog toys and offers its customers a large selection of dog accessories. (Source: Hunter Pond). All products are available 24 hours and delivered from a purchase value of 19,00EUR also free of charge. Time Warner understood the implications. UPS is open to suggestions. Industry insiders were visibly impressed at the in-house presentation.

The introduction of new means for the companies themselves therefore probably one enormous growth spurt. “We wanted to be customer-friendly and more accessible” said Manuela Hanley, Managing Director of the company dog-play dog shop. Looking back briefly in the history of the company dog-play dog shop, which has been established since 01/2008 in Illingen, then looking at a company that convinces its customers through the innovative features and it is sure that the new Internet presence of dog in record time will conquer the market. Contact information: Dog-play dog shop >We love dogs and dogs love toy. We want to help to make life more beautiful our customers and their favorite by our article on dog toys at fair prices. In addition we create very large Value on quality and originality of our dog toys. We get our clients exclusively branded Kause Karlie and Suresh. Also in the appearance of our articles, and especially in the item description we emphasize on authenticity and reality of to Imaging and descriptive article. Our customers can be sure that all articles get their texts only after testing and sighting. This offers our customers a 100% secure that the articles ordered by them is also 100% of the description. We are a young, ambitious team and work enthusiastically, closer to bring our customers the dogs game world.