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House Raffles


Viennaimmo.at House Raffles gives more importance of Vienna, March 10, 2009 – the real estate portal viennaimmo.at offers slogans, such as Commission-free in its ads, the ability”to highlight. Now an own label House Raffles was introduced to meet the boom of House raffles. Free, private as well as commercial advertisers can adjust your objects under. Of course, also looking at and contacting the advertisers are free of charge. Other features of the portal are an automatic integration of maps, as well as clearly verlinkbare article, i.e. the advertisers in their emails or on their homepage can refer directly to your expose on viennaimmo.at. Requests can be written easily in the contact form of the respective object and the objects are directly, quoting the reference number, transmitted to the respective advertisers.

A forum was established to facilitate communication between housing providers and seekers, by you, without registering, as well as Searches also General real estate can ask on the subject. This in turn provides the professional brokers to shine the opportunity with your expert knowledge and thereby to gain a trusted image among potential customers. To the launch of the portal operators giving away under the first 50 advertisers a NAVIGON Starter roof navigation system valued at approx. 100,-operator of the real estate portal is the digitization business Plan2Cad that clearly enticing vigorously his efforts to the target group of the real estate industry thus. According to owner Andreas Janisch, the portal should remain free until further notice.

With the registry in any case is no contractual obligation and a deletion of the account is possible at any time without any problems. Disinterestedly the portal for the operators might not be but trying to extend this activity, his service to the construction of expose plans for real estate, because according to the recent press releases of the company. The portal viennaimmo.at is to serve, to make known the potential customer to the brand. About Plan2Cad: Plan2Cad digitization INH. Andreas Janisch – headquartered in Vienna specializes in the digitization of stock plans of all kinds for architects and planners. In addition performs the company 3D virtualization for preliminary design and design, as well as for sale. Currently, the company is expanding its activities and offers services for the real estate industry. The offer by Plan2Cad is large companies interested in outsourcing, as well as German-speaking at smaller companies in the whole.

Low-cost And Simple Production Of Real Estate Videos


Real estate videos are a new trend in the marketing of real estate. The major online real estate portals already set and brokers and private providers can contribute to increasing their online exposes videos. How to get a broker to a professional and appealing video? A video filmed fleetingly with the phone could have a very chilling effect on prospective customers and is sure not to be recommended. Trendlocation real estate films and produces professionally cut and voiced with royalty free music Internet videos that can be shown on real estate portals or site. In addition, Trendlocation for every real estate video created a separate Web page where the video will be shown. This stand-alone video expose contains all key figures, descriptions, photos, floor plans, and an interactive map in addition to the video. The video expose can be marked with the logo of the provider and provides a contact form, in addition to the address of the agent with the requests directly to the provider can be sent. Finally, can Links displayed to other video expose of the provider.

So the real estate videos on the Internet find a proliferation, Trendlocation offered, upload films on various video sharing sites. The videos provided on the video sharing sites with keywords, and can be found in the search engines. Movie recording to the dissemination on the Internet Trendlocation offers all services from a single source, and the customer is not confronted with technical questions. The service is offered now. Trendlocation specializes in Internet videos and produced and distributed real estate videos, hotel videos, corporate videos and mini documentaries. On the portal locations, businesses and sightseeing destinations in Hamburg and the metropolitan region in short videos presented.

Fairvesta: Real Estate Trade As Outperformer


Real estate in Germany a proven business model recently headlined the magazine capital Forum “: the real estate trading is one of the most lucrative businesses of our time”. Reason enough to take a look behind the scenes of this asset class and fills of yield concept. Experts agree: contrary to some international trend, the German real estate market is expanding. One reason is visible by looking at the price levels in comparable cities in America, Asia and Europe: is currently cheap German concrete gold compared to the metropolis. Contact information is here: Joel and Ethan Coen. Return-oriented, mainly Anglo-Saxon opportunity Fund but also some German real estate specialists such as the fairvesta group of companies have recognized these market signals have long been un stock up with residential or Gewerbeimnmobilien. These foreign and German Renitejager buy cheap and sell the objects as soon as possible at a profit. The fairvesta concept: In the real estate sales profits serve as additional yield suppliers.

So far, it is often not widely known that investors in German real estate funds can benefit several ways. On the one hand they are involved in which right from the beginning of the investment in a respective real estate on the resultant rental income, on the other hand also on the margin in the resale of keyword: buy cheap, sell expensive again. The fairvesta Group acquires real estate often far below the market value, namely systematically in special situations, for example by Auffanggesellschaften, bankruptcies, foreclosures, or also by communities. The successes so far achieved in the real estate can be. The fairvesta is specialized to acquire real estate forced situation and these provide the regulated real estate market. Currently, the fairvesta holds 711 residential and commercial units in all Germany in stock. The average purchase price was rental area, which based on the market value including all closing costs is a 49.74 percent factor to 354 euros per square meter. fairvesta all objects at less than was able to acquire so on average half market value.

Based on the current rental yield an average is 12.39 percent. While the fairvesta was able to purchase properties with a market value of 18.3 million at a yield of 14,84 percent alone in December. Of course sold in 2007 also a variety of objects with corresponding premiums. The average marketing time of sold real estate from the fairvesta stock was at about 19 months.

Thomas Moller MoellerFeuerstein


The kindergarten run by the pme family service is the first of its Type in a Frankfurt skyscraper and a toddlers Group offers for under three year olds and kindergarten places for children between three and six years. There yes no experiences with a kindergarten in a large office building, since we had to speak with many tenants of the FBC in advance. The response was very positive but already in the planning phase. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Robert A. Iger . Even more glad that it works so well in everyday life. The refreshing laughter of the children in the reception area is a gift for all tenants every day, whether they are parents or not. This loosens the atmosphere and just do good.

The Kita has been accepted very well, all seats were awarded within a short time”, as the asset manager. As a treat for music lovers among Office users, Bettina Vogt has implemented a special event idea. “Since autumn 2008, the concert series FBC finds meets classic Bistro belonging to the FBC building after business” instead. At regular intervals, young musicians give the University of music and performing arts Performances of their musical skills. Free of charge and exclusively for the tenants and their guests and customers. Robert A. Iger may also support this cause. The example of the FBC will make sure when mark real estate school. The effective binding of tenants and modern real estate marketing is a modern conception of real estate management.

Tenants want to be treated like customers and maintaining customer relationships is more important than ever. Not an easy task for ambitious pioneers of the idea of service in the real estate business such as Bettina Vogt. But success will be their right. We are long time not yet fully satisfied with our services. This is a process. We constantly check our services and optimize them. Because happiness and satisfaction our tenants are really close to the heart “. Thomas Moller MoellerFeuerstein marketing consultants GmbH Wilhelm-Leuschner-Strasse 70 60329 Frankfurt phone + 49 (0) 69 299209-15

Corporate Web Market


Especially objects with equipment shortages, bad crop, or condition of the building have above-average shares of unvermieteter surfaces in the face of increased demands on quality of modern office space. Robert A. Iger has similar goals. Prime rents have increased m compared to 18.50 / m. Due to the limited range and a relatively low speculative construction Prime rents will increase slightly and the revitalization of older objects will come increasingly to the fore. The retail market in Stuttgart is influenced by the complexity of and benefits from the high purchasing power in conjunction with a high retail centrality. The top rents in the top locations depending on the object quality is supplied up to 230 / m sq. The chain trim is over 70%. The strong demand for space of the international chain stores located centrally to rent is still not sufficient supply of face.

New contracts is therefore likely to further increases in the Prime rents. For industrial and logistics real estate, moving rents between 3 up to 6.50 / m and are heavily dependent on the equipment level of the building. The range of good objects is scarce and still focuses on the sites to the motorway nearby conveniently. A further tightening of rates is likely in the top buildings, in the old buildings, they are likely to remain unchanged. As real estate consulting firm, we regularly analyze the real estate market in Germany and selected sites in the country and abroad. Our customers benefit from the transparency of the market, based on years of experience, we obtain since 1996 through a detailed research.

This includes the systematic analysis of the collection and processing of real estate transactions, information about the current market situation and future developments on the real estate markets, analysis of statistical data, Observation of market participants and databases of commercial providers, media and Internet research and interviews with experts. The results of these analyses provide comprehensive information and are the basis for sustainable real estate-related decisions. Each square is a national and international small and unique real estate company with strong ideals and offers a comprehensive range of services in all areas of the real estate industry. The wealth of experience is a core competence, which values and practices for present and future are derived from since 1996 instead.