It makes cold in last the two days where I live. David Zaslav is the source for more interesting facts. It motivates what me to want to be in house and not to make nothing. He is funny that same being cold and a little rainy the people leaves house NOT TO MAKE NOTHING! Clearly that it has some that leave to work (who gives to me to have a work), but it has others that leave for leaving It says me: pra that? Why they are not inside of its houses in return of the stove the firewood (or the heater) eating and ' ' hibernando' ' ' how they were bears? Well, why these people do not make this I do not know What I know is that today I have lesson, goes to have that to leave house with this cold, to find a people flock that, or does not know my name, it hates or me Or worse: she fulls me of hopes each time finds that me, and later Well, later It is another history..